Don’t Invite Criminals into Your Life

How safe do you feel when it comes to finances?

As too many consumers have found, criminals continue to evolve and come up with new ways to attack.

As an example, a consumer uses a computer in a hotel or other public venue that does not have the proper security. Next thing you know, that consumer’s personal information is now compromised. While the individual may not suffer hardships due to this, there are no guarantees.

For you to lessen the chances of being a victim of identity theft thieves be sure to put roadblocks in their way.

So; how good of a job are you doing at not inviting criminals into your life?

Be Pro-Active in Keeping Criminals at a Distance

Although identity theft thieves can strike at any place at any moment, why make it easier for them?

For example, you go online on your laptop or mobile app to shop for a product and service and do so in an unsecure way. All you’re doing is making it that much easier for a thief to get your personal information. When he or she does, they are a step closer to invading your life.

Another example is not being cognizant of your online banking activities.

As such, you leave the door open once again to someone infiltrating your life. If they get your personal banking info, they can do all kinds of bad things.

So, would it not make sense to be taking time to review Identity Guard and other such protection services?

These kinds of services offer solutions such as:

  • Bank and credit card monitoring
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Software to protect you against malware

When you come up with the right identity theft solution, you are better suited to keep thieves at arm’s length.

Don’t Share Your Personal Life

Stop for a moment and think about if you have done any of the following at some point and time.

A co-worker asks to use your sign-on information to get on a company computer. Has a friend asked for your username and password to get onto a site. Last, you use a public computer such as one at a library and forget to sign out of your personal banking site. Any and all these actions can be a recipe for disaster.

There is a reason that your personal life is that. Unless it is a significant other, there is no reason for folks to have your personal details.

Last, are you confident in the computer or computers you use?

An example of this would be when you are traveling for work or pleasure.

Do you always assume that the hotel computer is in fact safe?

While many such computers are safe to use, others could be an opening to trouble for you.

Your best bet is to proceed with the mindset that the computer could in fact be vulnerable to attack. As such, don’t use it.

In doing all you can to avoid identity theft thieves, it oftentimes means commonsense.

The most commonsense thing to do is not invite criminals into your life.

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