Digital Signage Is Much More Than Just Neon Lights For Restaurants

Every day, during the daily commute or even while staring out of a window at your workplace or home, you come across signs that are there for promoting something or the other. Some of these signs are genuinely interesting, with appealing designs, bright displays, and gorgeous aesthetics, while others are too easy to forget. It might have happened that on a hectic day, when all that was on your mind was a task, a cleverly designed display had caught your eye and you have marveled at it for a fleeting second. If on the next day, you had remembered the content of the sign, then the promotional efforts of the company had been successful.

Digital signage display in today’s business world

It is to be noted that most businesses today are replacing their conventional static signboards with digital signage. Even government organizations and public service concerns are also making use of digital signage to get their message across to the public. This message may be a promotional one or a simple reminder of a public safety measure. Why do they prefer digital signage? Well, for starters, these are dynamic which means you display different messages on the same platform, the images and messages keep changing keeping the viewers hooked for long. Moreover, with proper maintenance, they can withstand the forces of nature for a longer span of time, unlike traditional sign boards. Besides, digital signage is a greener initiative, easily affordable, easy to maintain and are effective. What’s not to like, right?

Businesses all around the world are using digital signage these days. Small businesses, especially, are leveraging this type of signage to grow. In case you still have not thought much about changing the way how you promote your restaurant, putting up digital restaurant signs would be a good move to start with. Even if you have already thought about your business’ promotion and are still using conventional signboards, it is time to make the digital jump.

Why should you go for digital signage for marketing?

  • Once you start using digital signs, you will see that you can display a variety of information on the same platform. These may be the menu, information about nutrition, offers, and discounts, your brand’s story, the standards you follow, live footage from the kitchen, staff biographies and more. Connecting with the audience just got a whole lot easier.

  • Interactive digital menus can guide consumers through the entire ordering process. Feedback collection process can also be simplified with digital signage.

  • If you have restaurants at multiple locations, you can display updated information at each outlet from a centralized control.

  • You can also keep the waiting guests entertained and engaged with your brand and keep them from getting irritated with the help of interactive digital displays.

  • Restaurants these days have personalities. Some are eclectic, and some are elegant, and some others are bohemian. Relevant music and footage shown on digital screens can set the correct mood for uninitiated guests and inform them of what they can expect from a restaurant.

How integrating digital signage with social media can benefit your business:

If there is one place where you can find all of your existing customers as well as hope to tap into a potentially huge clientele, it is social media. Social networking sites are where consumers practically line. Leverage the power of such channels by displaying social media feeds such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter on the display monitors at your restaurant. Ask your consumers to tag your restaurant and use a hashtag that you have created. Every time someone likes these posts, your reach increases. Use the big screens to inform them goodies for the best instant feedback. Make sure the message is displayed not just inside the restaurant but also on the screens outside so that every passersby and people waiting in the queue can see it and participate. Did you ever think building your very own foodie community could be this easy?

Wrapping up

If you are thinking that digital signage for restaurants cannot get any better, you are in for more surprise. Did you know that many brands have already tied up with various media streaming service providers like Chromecast and are sending digital signage updates right to the monitors of their consumers? Restaurants all around the globe are trying to make their services even more customer-friendly. In that respect, they are sending weather updates, price updates, information about offers and discounts, lucky draws, new menu, daily specials and more to their customers directly which are being displayed on their television and handheld devices. It essentially means, with the help of digital signage, and digital marketing as an extension, you are not only reaching many customers at the same time but are also staying connected with them almost effortlessly.

And it still keeps getting better! Work is still being done to improve the digital signage sector even more. No wonder, the worldwide digital signage display market is predicted to be amounting to 13.7 billion U.S dollars in 2021. With so many new inventions and improvements happening in the sector so frequently, very soon digital signage for restaurants may reach to heights that are unfathomable today. Many experts are of the opinion that digital signage will soon include facial recognition software and it will enable restaurants to display custom messages to every diner and that too simultaneously. Imagine how great it would be if you can target every passerby for customized promotion or attract customers with 3D menus! So, jump on the digital signage bandwagon today to reap the benefits tomorrow.

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