5 Things You Need To Know While Getting Power Meter

Power meters are a must have for every biker or cyclist out there. These devices help to gauge fitness level of the biker so that he knows the level of power he is putting out in each ride. If you are gearing up for a professional event or a competition, the power meters will enable you to check your performance meter over time. Based on that, you can modify your fitness routine for optimum results.

Are you too planning to get a power meter for your new bike? Well, the post below shares the 5 most important tips you should consider while getting the device.

Must-haves in your power meter

The best power meters should be backed by these 4 prime features-


It refers to a wirefree data communication system which sends collected data to recording device, like smartphones. It would also do if your power meter uses Bluetooth or ANT.

Temperature drift

Power meters are engineered with strain gauges to measure data and they are usually incorporated into different components of a bike- spiders, pedals, hubs or cranks. These strain gauges are very vulnerable and extreme temperature condition in these components could be harmful for your power meter. Thus, the best power meters are designed to be adjusted on demand with temperature drifts. If your power meter cannot be customized according to changing temperatures- you will only end up with inaccurate data.

Zero offset

Your chosen power meter must need you to run a zero offset mode prior to setting out on a ride. It will enable the device to report “0” reading when the vehicle is not in motion.

Left/right balance

The most advanced power meters are engineered with the capacity to gauge relative output of the rider’s right & left legs against overall power output. It’s handy to correct a weak pedal stroke, if any.

Reputed retailer

This is certainly one of the most important tips to keep in mind while you are shopping for power meter. There is no dearth of power meter retailers around but you should make sure to settle with a reputed name. Reputation is hard to achieve in today’s fiercely competitive industry. A robust market recognition echoes high product credibility.

Does the store specialize in power meters?

It’s good if your chosen store specifically specializes in power meter. The commitment level is always higher when you specialize in a certain product that translates to premier offerings. Besides, it also assures that the store is most likely to have a vast & versatile selection of power meters to cater to all types of bikes.

Branded products

Your chosen store should promise premium power meters from the top notch brands only. Before you place the order, don’t forget to get a thorough study of the store’s inventory.

Financing & free shipping

A reliable power meter store follows a customer-centric service approach and hence offers easy financing solutions. Make sure your chosen store also offers free shipping throughout the US.

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