5 Tips When Planning To Move Home

Depending on how long you’ve lived in your current home and how much you’ve accumulated during that time, the idea of moving to a new house can seem a daunting one. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Like most things, a little bit of pre-planning ahead of time makes things go much smoother than they would otherwise and reduces the stress levels into the bargain.

Here are five tips to help when planning to move to a new home.

1.      Start Early Enough

As you probably don’t pack up and relocate very often, it’s difficult to decide what is the correct amount of time that the task will require. You can ask your friends, but they each have different amounts of stuff and so the answer will vary tremendously. It’s a good idea to leave as much time as possible by starting way earlier than you need to.

2.      Declutter Before Proceeding

Decluttering the home before you begin the process of thinking about packing is the best idea. There’s no point wasting time thinking about how many boxes will be needed, which rooms to pack up first, and other essential matters until you have a proper sense of how much there is to store.

Go about decluttering one room at a time to avoid making more of a mess than already exists. Sell off items that you no longer need; Freecycle or dispose of other unnecessary items. If they’re not worth keeping, they are not worth packing and bringing along to your next home to clutter that up too.

3.      Least Used Rooms First

It may seem obvious, but it’s not obvious to all. So, we’ll say it right now: pack up the least used room first. With this room, unless you never go in there, root through the space and quickly determine which items get the least use and won’t be needed before you plan to move. Pack these items first. Seasonal things like winter coats in the late spring or summertime, Christmas ornaments, and other unnecessary items are safe bets here.

If you feel the need, check with your partner to verify that the items you’ve selected for packing are truly not needed before the moving date; they may have other plans that they haven’t shared with you yet.

4.      Labeling and Organizing

When packing up boxes for storage ready to move out, organize around the concept that the heavier boxes need to go on the bottom. Doing so avoids them crushing lighter boxes (and their contents).

Organizing boxes into areas of the home makes it easier to load onto the moving truck in the same grouping and into the new property. Unpacking is then made much easier because moving staff with labeled boxes can be directed into the appropriate rooms. The labeling of each box must be well done to avoid labels coming off or being confusing.

5.      Choosing the Right Moving Company

Choosing good partners for a move is critically important for everything to go right. Not everyone is as professional as one would hope for. The best Tallahassee local moving company has enough experience and sound advice to be trustworthy. They will be able to deal with your last-minute jitters and smooth the road for your home move.

Moving home can be stressful. Preparing for it well is the best way to handle the issue before the stress gets to be too much. The earlier you start, the better position you’ll be in when the day comes.

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