The Best Uber Hacks You Should Be Using

At this point, most of us have probably used Uber or some other ridesharing app. They’re great in a lot of ways including the convenience, but could you be doing more to save money and make the most of ridesharing experiences?

The following are some of the best Uber hacks you should not only know but be using.

Use an Uber Calculator

If you’re in a hurry, you might not be interested in an Uber calculator, but they can be a good way to see a breakdown of the fare you’ll be paying and make any necessary comparisons to choose which option is going to be best.

There are third-party Uber estimators that will let you see what you’re going to be paying before you request a driver.

While you can usually see Uber upfront pricing before requesting a ride, calculators let you see things like different variables that might be impacting the price and what the booking fee is.

Use Promo Codes

Not just Uber but other ridesharing apps are almost always offering promo codes and discount options if you know where to look. However, many of Uber’s offers are only for new subscribers, but sometimes through partnerships with companies like American Express you may be able to find something even if you’re not a new user.

Before you request a ride, do a quick Google search and see if there’s anything applicable to you.

Schedule Rides

If you know you need a ride to an important event or the airport let’s say, you can schedule it using Uber’s Scheduled Ride feature. It’s available in hundreds of cities around the world, and you can schedule anywhere from a month out, to thirty minutes before you’ll need the ride.

This lets you take some of the anxiety out of a scenario where you have somewhere to be but aren’t sure whether or not a driver will be available.

Move Up or Down a Few Blocks If There’s A Surge

Surge pricing is one of the biggest complaints a lot of people have about ridesharing services, but if you move just a few blocks away from your original location, you may find that surge pricing is no longer in effect.

If you’re in a popular area and you can get out of it, you may be able to eliminate the surge notification that we all dread.

Fare Split and UberPool

If you’re riding with friends, one of you doesn’t have to get left with the entire bill. You can split the fare by selecting an icon available next to the driver’s information.

Also, if you’re willing to share your ride with strangers, UberPool is great. You can save a lot of money, and it’s available in many cities. Plus, people worry with UberPool that they won’t get an arrival time, but you do.

Finally, are you taking advantage of the Share ETA feature Uber offers? You can let everyone know quickly where you are and when you should be expected, or you can give someone peace of mind knowing when you’re going to get home safely.

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