Toronto Tips: 5 Best Restaurants For Vegetarians

Vegetarian establishments in Toronto are improving every day, following both newfangled trends and owners’ views on the required format and level of service. The menu is expanding, each time offering more and more original and tasty dishes.

So, now we will talk about several vegetarian restaurants and bars in Toronto, which definitely deserve your attention.

Porter House

Porter House is an excellent British-style establishment. This wonderful pub will please visitors with its coziness and relaxed atmosphere. The beer menu will interest connoisseurs of both traditional light beer and other varieties of this drink.

According to the owners, their main goal was to create an establishment, where anyone could simply relax with friends. And, as attendance shows, they succeeded! Special attention should be paid to the menu of appetizers, which amazes with its variety: from French fries with curry sauce to beer vegetarian dumplings and unique mushroom treats.

gallery- lentil shepherds pie.jpg

Amazing sandwiches from natural products and without meat, with numerous vegetables and sauces – such dishes are guaranteed to please you with their juicy taste and delicate aroma even if you are not a vegetarian!

Also, Porter House is famous for its beer pie, which will help you to gather strength after an exhausting day. The establishment is really a great spot to relax in the atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Address: 1321 Dundas St W


Woodlot combines elements of a restaurant and bakery in a traditional Canadian style. Opened in 2010, this establishment has long gained popularity among fans of vegetarian cuisine.

Vegan Pizza

Woodlot is the creation of Robyn Donio and David Haman, who previously had a direct relationship with such well-known brands in Toronto as Lucien, Noce, and Senses. And this experience really makes itself felt!

Visitors note the highest level of service, friendly staff and amazing delicacies, which are cooked in the oven. It’s not surprising that it’s recommended to order a table in advance.

The menu is quite small, but it’s enough to satisfy both the desire to eat well and the interest in new dishes. For example, meat in basic dishes with ease and a wonderful taste is replaced by mushroom pie, tofu and other culinary delights. And onion soup is just perfect there!

Address: 293 Palmerston Ave

Kupfert & Kim

Superfood Avocado Quinoa Bowl

Kupfert & Kim was opened relatively recently, but this fact didn’t stop the establishment from earning a good reputation: there are long lines of people during lunch.

In general, the concept of Kupfert & Kim is not something new: vegan dishes, snacks with dense nutrient content, smuzzi and Te Aro coffee. However, these delicacies have become the highlight of the restaurant, which helped to attract the relevant target audience.

The cuisine of this establishment is incredibly light and at the same time saturated with taste. Such a perfect combination is achieved due to the correct selection of natural products and careful usage of sauces that don’t overload the dishes.


Naturally, like all vegetarian establishments, Kupfert & Kim makes a special emphasis on salads, which are just amazing. Special breakfasts are also served there. They include home muesli, gluten-free flakes, rice, coconut or soy milk and much more.

Address: 100 King St W

The Hogtown Vegan

Turning from a small kiosk with a takeaway meal to a real restaurant, nowadays Hogtown Vegan is a cozy establishment with a warm atmosphere. You can find there stunning vegetarian counterparts for well-known baked chicken, macaroni with cheese and classic Reuben sandwich with meat and cheese.

Minimalistic decor allows you to focus on the most important thing in Hogtown Vegan – their delicious food. One of the most popular dishes is the “non-chicken wings” – fried tofu triangles. With light sauce and excellent cooking, they are an excellent substitute for meat dishes.

Vegan Ceviche de tofu

Reuben sandwich served in the Hogtown Vegan is a striking reminder that it’s prepared by the same people who created the best vegan burrito in the city. Speaking of desserts, you should definitely taste lime cheesecake, which is a real feast of taste and juiciness.

Address: 1056 Bloor St W


Grasshopper closes the list of 5 best Toronto’s vegetarian establishments. Despite the fact that it’s quite a small restaurant, warm wooden decoration, red brick and soft lighting create the right mood of a comfortable place for easy rest.

The chef succeeds so successfully replace meat products with vegetarian ones, that some visitors are not sure that the dish doesn’t contain meat. The incredible choice of sauces adds great flavor to the food, depending on your culinary wishes and preferences.

You can also enjoy the restaurant’s signature soups, chili and analogues of pasta with cheese. And if you want to cool down – try the local smuzzy.

Address: 310 College St

Vegan chard and quinoa lasagna - Lasaña de acelgas y quinoa

Toronto is a suitable destination for vegetarians and admirers of healthy food. The chefs of the local restaurants can skillfully replace meat with plant products creating really unique and tasty dishes.

Want to enjoy healthy vegetarian food in Toronto during your next trip? Then rent a car in Toronto, and set off to any restaurant from the above-mentioned list!

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