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Movavi Video Converter Is All You Need To Convert MOV Videos To AVI

Have you got some supercool videos on your Macintosh that you wish to share with your friends? Now, Mac videos are mostly in the MOV format. So, if you want to share them on Windows devices, your friends will have to install an additional software to enjoy those files. But, as a great friend, you definitely don’t want your buddies to go through all such hassles. So, what to do here? Well, the best thing will be to convert MOV to AVI format so that the videos can be easily played on Windows devices without any additional software. And, Movavi Video Converter will be your muse here.

The post below explains step by step how easily you can compress and convert your MOV files to AVI with the Movavi program.

Step 1

The first task is to download & install Movavi Video Converter in your laptop.

Step 2

Go to Add Media and click on it. Then, click on Add Video and select the MOV file you have to convert.

Step 3

Now, we will compress the MOV file to reduce the file size. Click on size value you will see in file info category and open the compression option. Then, set the preferred values for quality, size & bitrate. After you have selected the values, simply click on Apply.

Step 4

Then, we will select the output format of the video- AVI in your case.

Go to Video & choose AVI. The Movavi allows you to specify the resolution or bitrate of the converted video.

Step 5

Look for the Convert tab. It is located in bottom right part of the program window. Click on it and immediately the Movavi program will start to convert your MOV video into the selected AVI format.

Features of Movavi Video Converter

  • Converts all kinds of media

Though it’s named as a “video converter”, yet the Movavi program can work with audio, image and DVD files too.

  • Supports 180+ file formats

This is surely one of the best features of Movavi Video Converter.

The cutting edge converter supports all popular media formats and hence can convert your files into any format. The software is also able to convert your media files into mobile-friendly formats.

  • Super fast conversion with no quality loss

Movavi Video Converter is powered with SuperSpeed technology that allows it to convert media files in lightning-fast speed. And that too, without any compromise on quality of the file.

  • Editing functions available

Movavi Video Converter can also perform some basic editing functions and improve the overall quality of your video.

Useful tips:

If you want to customize your video conversion, you can easily do that from the Edit tab on the Movavi program window. The advanced converter allows you to cut out unwanted sections, apply special effects, adjust audio and also apply captions.


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