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Crucial Features Of Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs have some common features which are present across all ranges and prices like height adjustment. However, there are some important features to look out for which make your purchase valuable and worthy.

We spend a lot of our time just sitting and having a wrong or uncomfortable posture can result injuries and health and musculoskeletal problems. So you must consider the features to make sure the chair you are buying is suitable for you. Studies state that the right office chair can help to reduce musculoskeletal symptoms, helping employees avoid pain and discomfort. Most studies carried out reported a reduction in pain and discomfort after using the right chairs in the workplace.

Yet, that’s not the only reason you need ergonomic chairs. Let’s see what the most important features in healthy ergonomic chairs are!

Backrest with Lumbar Support

The height and angle of the backrest of the chair should be adjustable if it comes as a separate unit. It it’s a single piece, then the back and forth angle should be adjustable.

The backrest should ideally be 12 to 19 inches in width supporting the natural curvature of the spine. It should also ensure adequate support to the lumbar spine or the lower back region.

A good ergonomic chair will help you out with adjustable height and depth to support the inward curve of the spine and prevent slouching.

Adjustable Armrests

Static armrests are ideal for shorter use while you may feel the need of adjustable armrests for longer periods of sitting. By adjusting the armrests you can prevent stress on your shoulders and wrists and the habit of slouching in your chair.

You can also lower them down while you pull your chair closer to the table and sit comfortably. Go for padded armrests to prevent putting undue pressure underside your forearms and elbows.

Height and Alignment

You should be able to sit on the chair with your feet flat in the ground. The knees can be a bit raised than the hips which promotes blood flow.

If it’s a workplace, then the keyboard should be accessible at elbow height. The adjustments of the chair should be easy as you will need to use them frequently as you change your position throughout the day.


This additional feature is helpful for people suffering from back problems and need extra neck or head support. It comes to use when the chair is in an inclined position and relaxes the muscles while increasing the blood flow.

The above features are the most crucial for healthy ergonomic chairs. You can also check out if the chair has replaceable seat and back pads as they are prone to wearing out when used for a number of years.


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