How ‘Knowledge Commerce’ Is Reshaping The Way We Sell Our Knowledge Online

“Knowledge Commerce” is a new term coined by Kajabi that is used to refer to an industry associated with the selling of knowledge.

In the past, we often used the term knowledge selling and teachers interchangeably but times have changed. With the betterment of technology and blazing internet speeds, anyone call sell knowledge these days.

How 'Knowledge Commerce' Is Reshaping The Way We Sell Our Knowledge Online

What it Takes to Sell Your Knowledge Online

Hard work, determination, online selling platform like Kajabi where you can easily create your online courses, better understanding of digital media and a smartphone is all that you need to sell your knowledge online.

You can adopt different platforms as provided below to connect with your target audience who would be interested in buying your courses online.

  • Website/Blog
  • Ebooks
  • Webinars
  • Online Courses
  • Screencasts etc.

How 'Knowledge Commerce' Is Reshaping The Way We Sell Our Knowledge Online

The key lies in offering knowledge in a particular niche and reaching out to your target audiences in their moment of need. Blogger and Entrepreneur, Neil Patel offers a great beginners guide to create and sell online course.

Relationship driven marketing is the new form of marketing that is here to stay for long. The time is ripe to humanize your brand presence. People don’t like push marketing and want to stay away from it.

How 'Knowledge Commerce' Is Reshaping The Way We Sell Our Knowledge Online

Consumers have become more educated than ever and they trust brands who have positive reviews online. You can’t buy a customer by paying for advertising, instead, you need to earn a customer by improving the quality of your service. It happens slowly and gradually and e-learning marketing is no different. Start by offering a course that people are looking for and form an USP that lets people stick to your course instead of your competitors.

Why is Knowledge Commerce Gaining Popularity?

The Knowledge Commerce industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. The e-learning market was over $50 billion in 2016 and this trend improved in 2017. Moreover, the market is anticipated to be around $37.6 billion by 2020. These are a huge number and no entrepreneur shall be willing to miss such an opportunity.

As per Docebo, the e-learning market size holds a massive presence in Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America. Major countries that are driving enormous growth opportunities for the e-learning market in Asia are India, China and Australia.  

How 'Knowledge Commerce' Is Reshaping The Way We Sell Our Knowledge Online

Not only men, knowledge commerce is a great career opportunity for women to turn their knowledge into a career. Kajabi says that nearly 900 will enter the workforce by 2020. Those are huge numbers that none will want to ignore.

One of the biggest reasons why Knowledge Commerce is gaining popularity is due to the increased need for Knowledge. People want more knowledge in today’s society and internet has created a medium where people can easily exchange information and learn from other’s mistakes. Most of the people are looking for answers whether it is on Google or on Amazon Alexa. Knowledge Commerce rests in a similar idea of give and take information.  People are looking for knowledge online and if you are able to provide them the exact answers through your online courses then you can gain lots of money for yourself.

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