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18 Simple Ways To Cut Back On Your Oil Usage At Home

So many of today’s products rely on oil. From gardening equipment and automobiles to plastic bags, printer ink, and cleaning products, oil is everywhere. Finding ways to cut back on the amount of oil that you use in your everyday life is a great way to do your part to minimize America’s dependence on oil.

18 Tips For Cutting Back On Your Oil Usage

  1. Use a reel mower that is pushed by hand rather than a gas-powered lawnmower.
  2. Change your landscaping, using plants, trees, and gravel to minimize the amount of lawn that needs to be mowed.
  3. If you normally drive everywhere, consider alternatives. Try walking or riding your bike whenever it is feasible. Additionally, look into public transportation options in your area.
  4. Whenever possible, avoid buying products like toys, dishes, or furniture that are made from plastic.
  5. Bring your own fabric bags when you go shopping so that you don’t have to rely on plastic bags.
  6. When we roofing your home, skip tar-based products, opting for clay tiles or metal roofing instead.
  7. Choose soy-based ink for your printer rather than ink that is made using petroleum.
  8. Whenever you can, avoid buying products that are made from nylon. This fabric, which is often used in luggage, outerwear, and umbrellas, is made with petroleum. Instead, look for eco-friendly products that are made from recycled materials.
  9. Choose clothing that is made from natural fibers like cotton or silk rather than polyester or nylon.
  10. Use beeswax to wax your floors. Most commercial floor waxes are made using petroleum.
  11. Skip commercial perfumes in favor of essential oils. Many of today’s fragrances are made using petrochemicals.
  12. Try to avoid taking aspirin for headaches since it is made using oil. Instead, the next time you feel a headache coming on, try drinking water. Dehydration is responsible for a large percentage of the headaches that people experience.
  13. If you knit or crochet, choose yarn made from natural fibers instead of going with polyester yarn.
  14. Choose lip glosses or lipsticks that are made using natural products. The majority of commercially available lipsticks rely on oil.
  15. Install a glass door on your shower so that you don’t have to use a shower curtain made of plastic.
  16. Color with beeswax crayons rather than traditional Crayola crayons.
  17. Choose glasses instead of contacts since contacts are made using petroleum-based materials. Even if you buy plastic frames for your eyeglasses, you can still get a lot more use out of them than you can with contacts.
  18. Use real wood rather than plastic composite boards when building a deck.

By making these changes and also by understanding the industry is also cutting down on oil as this post from Fircroft shows, we can use less oil.

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