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Creative Options That Can Brighten Up Your Garden

Planters, birdbaths, arbors, and statues are just some of the decorative options that can be used to enhance a garden’s looks. A wooden fence or even a plain wall make outdoor spaces look drab. Homeowners can correct this by getting a bit creative with their fences and walls to turn them into fabulous facades.

Gardens should be spaces that bring in the benefits of nature’s beauty into any home through the use of plants and flowers of different color and textures. If that is the status of your yard, then you complement it by adding a splash of paint on the wall or fences. Adding outdoor lighting, some decorative wall art and a fountain in the garden are other viable options that can brighten up any yard.

  • Color And Texture Using Plants

Plants can add natural beauty to a wall, fence, or garden. Flowers, herbs, shrubs, and trees can bring in unique décor elements. For instance, flowering shrubs planted at the base of the garden fence or installing planters in a wall can help break up that dull look on large these large surfaces. Walls are ideal for potted plants and vertical gardens that can be placed on shelves. The shelves can also hold potted plants with downward-spilling vines to crawl the wall. Climbing vines can be planted at the base of the wall.

  • Working with trellis

Installing a trellis to a wall may require some masonry work, but the results will be climbing vines that cover the humdrum the wall giving it a green facade. If you are looking for something that provides year-round beauty even when the vines wither, then go for an ornamental-style trellis. A white trellis is ideal for a dark-brick wall while a trellis made from dark wrought iron works best with walls that have a light color. As for the plants to consider, the top candidates include trumpet vine, bougainvillea, honeysuckle and the climbing fig.

  • Perk up with paint

A little paint goes a long way in transforming spaces. The splash of color brings in new life and should blend seamlessly with the landscape and outdoor settings and décor. With paint, the options are many ranging from a single feel of color to something with a patterned look.

  • Introduce some Wall Art

Ornamental art is not just an indoors thing; the exterior walls can also benefit from such art. What you choose should complement the home’s exterior as well as the outdoor settings. For instance, garden features such as metal birds and gnomes, the flowers and wildlife are some of the sources of inspiration for what to get for the walls. The drab fences can benefit from things such as potted flowers, birdhouses and creative pieces such as planters made from old colorful rubber boots.

  • Upcycled Wall Art

Picture frames of different sizes, color, and detailing can be a trendy décor option when thinking of wall art according to Outdoor Art Pros. Large antique shutters are a unique choice that can enhance the exterior of the home. Place the shutters and frames along the garden wall to create shelves for your potted plants and achieve a fantastic backdrop.

  • Install a wall fountain

Fountains are features that bring in a new look to any space. That being said, a wall fountain is a showpiece that will not only transform the exterior of the garden wall put all the entire outdoor area. They are particularly popular and ideal for Italian and cottage-style gardens. The water features have simple angular designs and are made from materials such as rocks to make them complement contemporary exteriors. The wall fountain can also be a centerpiece around which you can layout your outdoor furniture.

  • Illuminate with outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is not just for security and safety in the garden at night, and it also adds some warmth and charming elegance to the yard. They can be ground lights, wall lights, in the arbor or the pergola or even installed along the edges of the garden. Creativity in the illumination is the key to achieve more than just light in your garden. The use of handmade lanterns or mason jars, or tea light candles strung along the edge or suspended them creating a pattern. Spotlighting the plants and garden features is also another way of adding some decorative element using the lighting options available.

  • Buying Garden Wall Accessories On eBay

Beautifully done and decorated indoor walls add to the home’s interior appeal. Similarly, decorated exterior walls add some elegance and personality to the garden. eBay is one of the places that you can find a wide range of garden wall accessories and other beautiful items that you can use to decorate your outdoor space.  A quick search on the site will give a list of various products, and refining the search by brand preference, size, color, style, and price can narrow down the options. Only buy from the top-rated sellers because they are trustworthy and with a proven history of excellent customer service.

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