Why Is Mobile Defense System Development One of the Most Promising Businesses of 2017?

The phenomenal boom in the mobile industry has been a reason for rise of many million dollar businesses. The success of smartphones brought immense opportunities for service providers, app developers, business houses, etc.

A lot of companies are involved in manufacturing smartphones, a host of other companies are providing SIM related services, some are involved in developing applications to suit the diverse needs. With so much of variation across the industry, one thing that is common is the need for security systems because of the amount of personal data stored on phones. This is not limited to new start-ups. But, even the renowned industry players.

Why Go Mobile?

First, let’s look at the reasons why companies with established set-up and network are trying their hands at mobile apps. There are many obvious answers here and the reasons for success of security apps relies on these primary reasons.


The convenience that these apps bring are beyond imagination. For example, a traditional bank setup in India would require people to visit the bank for any kind of transaction or requirement. The establishment of customer care centers was the next step in enhancing the consumer experience. But, the breakthrough came when the banks made use of services pertaining to Android development India and created apps which makes everything possible with a simple touch.


With the convenience comes the opportunity. And good businesses never fail to seize opportunities. Customers are now used to the ease of using apps and therefore many business models are designed where an app is the sole opportunity. There is a mobile app for groceries, clothes, and even cabs. All that you need to be successful here is an out of the box thinking. For example, if you want to start an online store in India, you hire a company offering Android development India services.

Why Focus on Security?

Apps generally require access to a few personal details to function properly. These details might involve your contacts, gallery, messages, etc. depending on the type of app. Let’s see why customers and companies should focus on security.

  • The information that apps have access to can be misused by hackers to conduct fraudulent activities.
  • A company whose app is hacked might have a permanent reputation damage.
  • A customer whose private information is misused might face financial or personal implications.
  • Traditionally, a company had all computer systems in premise and therefore a specialized team could take care of the malware. But, nowadays, the apps are installed across countries or continents and it is not humanly possible for companies to provide personal support. Therefore, a specialized Software is needed.

What Options Should Be Considered?

When it comes to security, the more cautious you are, the better it is for you. If you are a customer, you might want to have an anti-virus or an app that can check for potential threats. If you are an app development company, then you might want to have some in-app firewall or security settings where personal information is encrypted. Let’s look at these in detail:

  • Prevention: The first important aspect is to prevent any kind of threat. App developers use different strategies to prevent threat from affecting mobiles. This includes preventing unauthorized connections, raising alert in case of malware, etc.
  • Detection: Many a times, before a threat defense system is installed, a threat might be existing. Therefore, a system that can detect malware by scanning or monitoring is required. This is an absolute-must because a detection system can prompt alerts even before a harmful Software is downloaded.
    While these are the core of any defense system, there is a need for solutions that can take care of threats. The system has to be up-to-date so that it can detect all types of threats.

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What Does a Service-Provider Require?

So, what are the things that a mobile defense system company should have? Let’s take a look.

  • Proper infrastructure comes first in the list. An office address with all equipment and Software necessary to develop solutions and provide support.
  • Some solid or at least decent solutions that are currently catering to the industry. These can be solutions that are currently work in progress. Another sample can be an app that you have created.
  • Experienced staff is a must. Staff members who are knowledgeable about the trends can be the deciding factor.

What Is the Future of Mobile Defense Systems?

All the companies involved in mobile business, be it ecommerce, applications, etc., feel that need of having a robust security system in place and therefore, they engage with partners who offer viable and contemporary solutions. If you are a mobile defense systems service provider, then you would probably already know that.

The need for apps for daily utilities, commuting, services like plumbing, cleaning, etc. is rising. Many big companies and start-ups with good funding have ventured into the mobile industry. With these ventures, a company offering mobile defense systems that are versatile and agile can benefit big time. The need is to study the trend, understand the requirement, and provide solutions that serve a purpose.

If you fulfill all of the above requirements, then you have a bright future when it comes to catering to the mobile security industry. The demand for such solutions is at all time high and seems to be increasing with passing years. The hackers are getting smart and the security technology has to get smarter in order to remain one step ahead.

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