SEO vs PPC – Which One To Choose To Website?

The launch of a website is probably one of the most anxious times for any businessman because it is “The day” all the marketing strategies implemented will show their results. And since there are so many digital marketing strategies available for the marketers, it is common to get confused that which one would actually be better to opt for ant which one would yield the desired results.

The two most common marketing tools which put every businessman and marketer in dilemma are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC). Which one is better among the both? Which of these would be more useful in both short and long run? Which tool should you employ to endorse your website online?

WeDigTech – (App Development Company) discuss the benefits and drawbacks of both and try to figure out which would be a better choice.

Pros and Cons of PPC over SEO


  1. The results are delivered instantly. You just have to pay and PPC will get you instant traffic.
  2. If you are looking to get conversion in short-term then PPC is the best tool.
  3. You do not need to worry about the updates from Google.
  4. You can rank the keywords as per your own desire.
  5. You can easily harvest the demand which already exists through Bing Ads or AdWords.
  6. PPC provides more targeted and relevant results.
  7. The traffic brought through PPC is unlimited.


  1. It is not beneficial in long term.
  2. No matter for how many years you pay for ads, you won’t have the copyright ever.
  3. As soon as you will stop paying, your website would lose its lead generating power.
  4. It is constrained by budgets and campaign dates.
  5. PPC does not work in every kind of market.
  6. Though tempting as PPC shows immediate results and you can calculate you ROI with ease, it is not really a good practice to rely on PPC entirely. It would charge you huge in the long run.
  7. As the demand for advertising increases and more businesses rope in, the price of PPC also gets increased.

Pros and Cons of SEO over PPC


  1. You are not required to pay on every click.
  2. SEO is actually much cheaper as compared to PPC when you calculate ROI of both.
  3. It has been surveyed by many agencies that most of the users click the organic links (SEO oriented) rather than the paid ads (PPC oriented) while surfing on Google.
  4. You can include any keyword in as much amount as you desire because here you don’t have any tender system.
  5. You own the traffic being directly to your website, thus making SEO more beneficial in long term.
  6. Unlike PPC, SEO does not depend on your investment. It is more about thinking creatively and implementing the SEO practices well.
  7. Certain SEO activities like on-the-page optimization will stay with your page unless you make any changes.


  1. SEO is more time consuming. It does not show any immediate results.
  2. SEO is highly dependent on the links quality.
  3. There are many SEO practitioners who are nothing more than spammers.
  4. As the Google changes it’s algorithm with every update, you will be required to make changes in your SEO practices also.
  5. If you would not perform SEO accurately, it could also have reverse effects on your website’s ranking.
  6. SEO is not permanent. Even if you manage to achieve a higher rank, it does not assure your position. You can slip down at anytime.
  7. It is a complete myth that SEO is a free method. Content is the elementary part of SEO and you would require to hire somebody and pay them to write relevant content for you.


Between the both, nobody is behind in the race as both the tools serve the goals in different timeline. Thus, you can choose the one which serves your organizational goals according to the time each tool consumes to deliver results.

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