How To Protect Your Stuff While On Vacation

Traveling provides a way to get out of your comfort zone and see many things you won’t see at home. One concern many people have when traveling is how to keep their stuff safe and secure. The following are 5 ways to ensure that your stuff is safe while you travel, so you can spend your time enjoying your travels, rather than worrying about safety.

Home Security

While you’re away, it’s important to be sure that your home is secure. The best way to do this is to have a security system installed. Many home security systems will allow you to monitor your house while you’re away through a mobile device or laptop. If you link cameras to an ADT alarm system, you can actually see your home and a have peace of mind that everything is OK at home.

Check Out Insurance

If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, it may cover some items while you travel. If your policy doesn’t cover travel, there are traveler’s insurance policies that will usually cover valuables that may get lost or stolen while you’re traveling away from home. Plus, many of them also include coverage for medical situations and other emergencies that may happen on your trip.

Secure Your Luggage

When you’re out of your hotel room, it’s important to lock your luggage and put your valuables inside. Leaving out a laptop, camera, or other electronics may be very tempting to a would-be thief that breaks into your room. And while many don’t want to consider it, the possibility of a hotel employee coming into your room while you’re away is rare, but it does happen on occasion. Thieves are much less likely to remove an entire suitcase from a room as it is more conspicuous.

Keep Your Money Safe

Be extra careful of extra cash and credit cards. Only carry what you need with you each day and leave extra locked up safely. When you leave cash and credit cards in your hotel room, lock them in the safe or put them inside your locked luggage.

Safeguard Your Passport

Losing your passport while traveling abroad can be a nightmare so it’s important to always have it secured. When you don’t need it, you should leave it locked in your room, in a safe if possible. It’s also helpful to scan your passport, credit cards, and other important information into your email so that you can access them easily in case they are ever lost or stolen.

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