SEO Myths That We Need To Debunk

The basic of SEO remains the same, but there are some misconceptions that we need to eliminate immediately to make sure that we will always be able to maintain excellent SEO performance. One common misconception that people often believe as truth is that using text link is better than using picture links. Many people add extra text link under the picture link for SEO purpose and this could ruin the overall design of the website. In reality, search engines provide comparable preferences for both picture and text links.

Alt text for images should be enough to provide strong relevance in SEO performance. In many cases, we don’t want to put a portion of our website to search engine index.  For this rease, we put the disallow tag in robot.txt file. However, this isn’t enough. External links could still provide a pathway for search engine bots to index some of the pages.

If some of our webpages contain important information and we don’t everyone to read them, then disallow tag isn’t enough. The most effective way is to password protect them. Extra security measures must be implemented to make sure that hackers are not able to break thrugh the security mechanism. People also think that websites are indexed only if these websites are submitted manually to search engines. Again, our website can be indexed if there are external links that go to our website.

However, it won’t hurt to manually submit our website to search engines to report the existence of our new website. It means that bot can be sent within days after the submission process. However, very few of our webpages are indexed initially. The best way to make sure that all of our webpages are indexed is to make sure that each receives external inbound link from trusted locations.

Another myth is that SEO is very easy to do and great results can be achieved/ The first part is true that SEO is generally an easy process to do, but achieving good results can be quite tricky. For highly competitive keywords, website owners will need to compete with many well-established websites. There are no legal shortcut tricks to gain good position for keywords like finance and debt. In fact, companies may spend millions of dollars to gain good position for highly competitive keywords.

Many people also think that SEO is about getting high PageRank. In reality, our goal is to get quality traffic from reliable sources, such as search engines and relevant external webpages. Another rather ridiculous myth is that our website will be penalized if it uses JavaScript. Search engines don’t have any preferences towards specific types of programming language.

It is wrong to assume that everyone will land on our main page. In many cases, high-traffic gateway to our website are individual webpages with unique and very interesting content. If we are confident that specific webpages in our websites are interesting, we should promote it more than our own main page.

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