How To Implement CSS On Our Website?

There are different benefits of CSS for our website. It’s a very common technology, but many websites still don’t use CSS. The most obvious benefits of CSS is related to aesthetics matter. With limited experience and knowledge, it is possible to implement CSS in a proper manner. There are a number of technical shortcuts that we can implement using CSS. The way our website works could have significant implication in its overall operation condition. CSS can have large influence on how our websites are perceived by the audience. CSS can improve the professionalism of our company and it may extend our goodwill to deliver better overall experience. Many websites that migrate to CSS are able to obtain clean, crisp and modern look.

We should try hard to leave an overall positive impression on how visitors perceive our website, company, brand, products and services. CSS is able to provide us with better usability and it reduces the amount of HTML code. Standard HTML-based tables, as well as tags for colors, fonts and other details can reduce performance. If our website loads slowly, it will be more likely for users to close the browser tab or click the back button. Although, many people have used 4G LTE and broadband DSL connections, it is important that we are able to optimize our website whenever possible. With less complexities, web browsers and servers will work more easily and our website can load properly.

It is now very common for users to access websites using smartphones and tablets. HTML-based tables may not work well on all mobile browsers. We should make sure that websites are highly accessible for everyone and we should be able to view them properly using mobile devices. CSS implementation should improve user experience greatly, even for visually impaired individuals. CSS is also able to provide significant SEO benefits and it is estimated that about 80 percent of traffic come from search engine results. SEO helps businesses to rank higher on results and we should take advantage of search engine capabilities.

We should know that content is still king and search engine bots value content more than code. In this case, we should make sure that we have relatively high code to content ratio. The keyword density and relevance of our webpage could be diluted by higher amount of HTML code, especially if we repeat how colors, styles, fonts and tables should be rendered on each page. If we use CSS, there are no details related to formatting and tables. Everything is included in a single CSS file. So, it means that search engine see less codes and more keywords. If we have higher percentage of content on our page, bots will go deeper on our website and we will get more traffic. CSS could also improve how our website use available bandwidth and this will benefits users.

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