SEO As Science And Arts

SEO can both as science and art. In gneral, science is a study that is performed systematically based on a set of facts and truth. Science is also based on physical observations and logical inquiries. It is closely related to a set of proven definitions and rules. With science, we should be able to gain new understanding or knowledge on something. There are fixed rules in SEO that we need to follow. One of them is that we need to provide users useful and interesting content, in the form of text, images, videos and other things.Our website also needs to obtain enough references from external websites. As a form of science, SEO has specific boundaries that we need to consider. Breaking the rules will bring some consequences.

Building will topple, cars will stop running and even people will die, when specific rules in science are not adhered. The same also applies with SEO. Our SEO performance can be ruined, if we break basic SEO rules. Things must go naturally with SEO and all backlinks should be obtained in a proper way. Google implements algorithms that ensure that these rules are followed strictly. Just like in scientific process, experimentation is also necessary with SEO. Each website is unique and SEO professionals need to perform experiments to make sure that things can be performed properly. Hiring professionals who perform SEO tasks properly based on scientific matters can be quite challenging. This is especially true when we consider that SEO has some rules that continue to change.

SEO isn’t only about science, it could also be seen from artistic and creative perspective. Art is a creative skill to use imagination to create something new and unique. SEO is about setting us apart from the competition. We can do that only by providing something new and unique to users. This is a rare talent that not all SEO professionals can have. Doing SEO tasks in a creative way can bring more success in the long run. If we want to gain success with SEO tasks, it is important that we use imagination and critical thinking. Creativity isn’t something that we can learn in school. Everyone, including the most technical SEO professionals can be creative by using their imagination and experimenting continuously, until they achieve what they want.

By being creative, we should be able to apply the right methods in graphics design and link building strategy. We could do steps that other people don’t do. This will make sure that we will stay ahead of the game without breaking the rules. It takes some amount of mental skill to stay creative, while keeping ourselves within common SEO rules.

In order to become more successful with SEO, we need to increase both our technical and creative skills. If we want to hire a professional with both factors, it is important to make sure that the person has excellent technical skill and he is also creative. This will enhance our chance of success.

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