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Essentials Tips in Applying Colorful Rugs in the Living Room

There is no end for making our living room looking much better from time to time especially redecorate it with the colorful rugs idea. For you who have a brand new apartment and needed to be decorated with some fun themes, this rug could be your smart answer. Apply it to your living room area and you will get the most fun theme of theliving room. You know that making your apartment fun is one of the solutions to make you feel comfortable in your zone.

The idea of bringing colorful rugs for your living room is such a syrupy deal. You know that you can always make a fun corner on your home. But there are several tips you need to remember in doing this project because too many colors in your room are not a good thing. So be careful and keep creative in pouring your ideas!

Overlapping some colorful rugs in the living room

Have you ever try to overlap some colorful rugs to create a sweet color mixing? If you don’t you should try this idea. This is going to be a cool idea for your round rugs. If you have a large space of living room, let’s say for your studio apartment type you can definitely pick this theme in your living room. First, you can pick three superb colors gray, yellow and blue.

Those three colors can definitely be changed with other colors just up to you. But first, you need to choose the small size so you won’t run out your space. These colorful rugs need to be overlapped into atriangle shape. So decide the basic color let’s say the gray one on the top side and the others on the two other sides. It is so simple, right?

Colorful rugs with the coffee table idea

So what about the coffee table? What if we want to put the coffee table but don’t want to ruin the color combination for the overlapping technique? It is actually simple. All you can do is put the slim leg coffee table with the round glasses pedestal. With the glasses material you can still show the color combination on colorful rugsabove without ruining the concept of a living room with the coffee table.

But again, what you need to remember is because we already playing with so many color and things you don’t need to apply some arrangement on your coffee table. So you can still focus on the overlapping color technique on the colorful rugs. But if you insist you can apply some little accent to make it more alive such as a unique ashtray.

The colorful rugs are not always coming from the one rug only. You can be more creative with the idea above. It is going to be so much fun if you can apply your own idea for your apartment arrangement idea. One thing you should remember is once you applying some colorful rugs you don’t need to apply the colorful sofa also. Choose the pale color such as gray or white.

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