London Luxury for Everyone

London is one of the world’s truly international cities. Geographically on the edge of Europe, culturally suspended half way between the New World and the Old, it’s a nexus of business and culture for travellers from all over the world. Its finance sector is second to none, and its theatres impress the world over.

These factors combine to make London a city that’s stuffed with wonders and luxury, from nights out to fine dining. It also means London is an expensive city, and for many of the people who live and work here day to day, rather than flying in to sign contracts and consult for a week, that luxury is out of reach.

Today we’re here to recommend a few experiences to Londoners who would never normally consider this luxurious side of life – but there’s no point in living in a city if you don’t sample all it has to offer!

Eating Out

Eating out in London has a steep curve between typical high street restaurants and the very best dining London has to offer. That said, everyone ought to experience a private dining room at least once – eating in quiet seclusion with your party in your room, with individual attention from waiters so you’re not competing with a restaurant full of people.

Although such privilege is pricey, it’s actually well within the reach of the average Londoner. If you’ve got a group of friends who are all keen to sample the experience and are willing to split the cost, then your next birthday could see you looking at the some of the best private room hire London has to offer.


You might think a personal shopper is the sort of luxury only the rich and famous have the time and money to enjoy. And while that might be true to an extent, it’s still an experience you’re able to access on a day off without taking out a mortgage!

You might not be spending the day with someone who’ll be taking around the most exclusive stores and fashionable boutiques, but Stratford’s Westfield shopping centre offer a personal stylist business that covers all the shops in the mall, with a sliding scale of fees that makes a session with them within the reach of most people. Whether it’s as a birthday treat or a confidence boosting build up to a big job interview, this is a slice of the elitist London life it’s well worth bringing down to your level!

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