An Unforgettable Time on the Turquoise Waters of Turkey’s Coast

Most people who come to Turkey for holidays will tell you that they want to return as soon as they can. This wish to return often comes from a few reasons such as having made friends that feel like they have known a long time, or because there is more for them to experience.

When it is decided to journey the Turquoise coast, many chose to sail Turkey. A favoured way of seeing the sites on this coastline is to take a gulet cruise. These boats have a long-standing tradition on the Mediterranean. The gulets would have been a working vessel for jobs such as fishing or sponge diving, however while still in operation the primary purpose has changed. New boats are being built to accommodate luxury cabins for passengers.

Gulets are often privately owned by the captains and usually run by the family, with a family crew journeying on these boats has been compared to a home away from home. Large spacious decks provide plenty of relaxation areas to sunbath as the boat sails along. While there is plenty of space to relax the dining area hasn’t diminished, this clever use of space creates an air of luxury while sailing along this beautiful coast.

While the luxury of the gulet on the ocean is a relaxing way to spend a holiday, there are many destinations that make the time on the boat truly unforgettable. The following are 3 places that gulet cruises often visit.

St. Nicholas Island

This small island has a large history to it. The ruins are the remains of a religious retreat built by St. Nicholas. At the base of the hill that island consists of is small ruined houses that look upon the water where the gulets moor. There is a small charge to visit the island but the view from the top of the hill hosts a magnificent panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and the pine forests that blanket the mountains that seem to rise from the waters.


A volcanic island that is home to a small population of Greeks. This island is becoming popular due to the harbour being a visiting point for cruises. Many visitors enjoy walking the narrow cobbled streets, appreciating the small white houses with coloured accents that are in traditional Greek style. In keeping with the small community, there is no major nightlife but the inns and bars make for a pleasant way to spend an evening in this quiet town.

On the island away from the town is an active but not erupting volcano.  The volcanic rock has been found to be along the seafloor and even stretching as far as the island of Kos. The creation of this island is written to have been creating by the god Poseidon. The myths say during the war of god Poseidon was fighting the giants on the island of Kos. As the giant Polybotes tried to flee Poseidon took a piece of Kos, throwing and trapping the giant below the landmass.


The harbour town of Bodrum is a popular tourist destination for both international and Turkish visitors. Many different cruises start from this harbour to sail the Turquoise coast. While the harbour is beautiful and allows for further travel the town of Bodrum is also popular for the beauty and nightlife.

While during the day Bodrum is peaceful and offers an amazing place to explore. Once the evening hits, the local night begins. A popular area Nicknamed bar street there is a variety of different places to enjoy drinking and dancing. Towards the end of the street, there is Turkey’s biggest open-air nightclub.

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, this means that Turkey would be a holiday experience that should not be missed.


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