Link Building Through Blog Commenting

Attracting enough backlinks to our website can be quite difficult to do and some people tend to take the easy way out when they do this. There are manylazy link builders out there and one of the most favorite ways they take is by commenting in different blogs. This may seem like an inappropriate way to create links for our website, but we could still do things properly. If our comments are useful and constructive, people should gain benefits from our comment and links.

It is quite obvious that getting good quality links can be quite difficult and it would be necessary to jumpstart the whole process. A common way is to use banner and PPC advertising. It is hoped that initial traffic that go to our most interesting webpages will attract a few backlinks that are naturally-made by visitors. However, it means that we need to spend some money to obtain some naturally-made backlinks, which may not be the most efficient thing to do.

Blog commenting is a cost-free way of gaining backlinks, although it’s obviously artificial. But if people click our URL in blog comments, it is possible that search engine algorithms will consider it as genuine link and will include it in rank determination in search results. Before commenting on blogs, we should make sure that we use the right keywords. We should make sure that we will rank well with specific keywords. It means that for each blog comment, we should focus on only one keyword.

This will make sure that we will get more focused results with each comment. By having a list of keywords, we should know what keywords that we need to focus on. It means that it’s much easier to achieve what we want. The next step is to find blogs that are relevant to specific keywords. These blogs may not be in the same field or industry as ours, but some of their webpages could be highly relevant to our keywords.

It’s a good idea to type this string to Google search field – in URL: blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “add your keyword here” . This should allow us to find the most relevant blog pages. However, we should know that a big percentage of these blogs have no-follow tag. It means that bots are instructed not to go to the URL and crawl our webpage. It means that no-follow tag could significantly reduce or even eliminate SEO benefits of links in blog comments.

Blog owners add no follow tag because they want to restrict people who write comments only for creating backlinks. Fortunately, there are actually groups of blogs that use do follow tags in comment sections. However, these blogs are often moderated and spammy comments will be removed immediately. They will allow comments that offer genuine contribution to the post. For this reason, it is important that continue to write meaningful things in comment sections. This will make sure that our link will stay there permanently.

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