How To Implement Perfect Navigational Structure?

There are many alternatives related to specific primary keywords. If we are unable to provide satisfactory answers and solutions, people won’t hesitate to close the browser tab and open our competitors. It is important to make sure that people don’t have negative experience when they visit our website. One essential element for the usability of our website is its navigation. It is important to make sure that people are able to quickly and easily find information. People should know how to go back to their preferred location in our website. Primary landing pages may not always be our main page and it could be a very popular webpage that ranks high in search engine for specific keywords. In order to improve navigation, we should put navigation elements on proper location.

Visitors should find it convenient to use navigation elements. They should be predictable and people are able to find specific navigation elements in places that they expect. Top menu, sidebars and footers are primary locations where we should put important links. Search field should be placed near primary category list, so people would be able to find what they want quickly, instead of looking for it in the category list. When we use tags and links, we should make sure that they are highly descriptive. So, people will know immediately what we want to tell people. If we are not being descriptive enough, people will choose the wrong links and they will disappointed with the page.

Tags and links should prevent people from selecting the wrong tags and links. If we choose to be misleading, people will get frustrated by irrelevant pages that we give to them. Link texts should be understandable, meaningful and unique. Links with good descriptions won’t only benefit users, but could also benefit our SEO efforts. If anchor text for links contain primary keywords, search engine bots will find correlations and our search results will increase. Internal links may have much less SEO benefits than external links from trusted, relevant websites; but bots will be able to know more about internal structure of our website. It is important to avoid having two links with identical or almost similar descriptions. This will confuse users and have bad effects on our navigation structure.

This will confuse both search engine bots and real human visitors. The tag and link descriptions should provide clear outline of our webpage. Users should be helped to navigate to their desired pages. There should be a guidance to reach specific locations. While people are browsing, it is important to make sure that they don’t lose track easily. Another way to improve navigation is to use sitemaps. If our website has many webpages, categories and tags may not be sufficient. People may want to know about the internal structure of our website. People should easily know more about our website. Sitemaps can be made as a table of contents that provide people information about the actual hierarchy of our website. Good navigation should help to improve SEO performance and increase the prominence of our website.

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