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Moving Home: The Big Brown Box Guide

As you will know moving boxes come in a variety of sizes and strengths, therefore, buying the right amount for you move is incredibly important.  There are a number of ways you can keep your items safe during your move whether you choose between light duty and heavy duty moving boxes.

Light Duty Boxes

In most cases, light duty boxes are made from single wall corrugated cardboard. It is advised that you save these boxes to hold your lightweight items.

Separate your items into sections, fragile items that need protection and items that do not require extensive protection. This type of box can keep items such as clothing and soft toys safe.

Moving Home: The Big Brown Box Guide

Heavy Duty Boxes

It is vital that you have heavy duty large boxes for your move. This type of box is practical and is made with double wall corrugated cardboard, which offers a high level of protection. This type of box should be saved for heavier items. This type of box is perfect if you are moving home or office as it is strong enough to be stacked, saving your space in your removal van or storage unit.

Large Boxes Packing Guide

Packaging experts, Big Brown Box, suggest to their customers that they should pack heavier items such as books and small appliances into smaller boxes. Big Brown Box recommend packing  “lighter items such as soft furnishings and bedding in larger sized boxes”. This method is incredibly clever as it prevents the boxes from becoming too bulky to life.  This also reduces the chance of your boxes collapsing under pressure.

Are There Large Boxes For Your Fragile Items?

Packaging suppliers will have a range of boxes which are custom made for moving home. In general, these items will usually come with a moving home kit as they offer the right protection for your more fragile or expensive items.

Cardboard wardrobe boxes are an excellent choice for those who want to keep their clothes and accessories in pristine condition during a move. A cardboard wardrobe ensures that your best suits and dresses are not creased and crumpled during transit or storage.

The average cardboard wardrobe box can store up to 20 items of clothing which can be held from a hanging rail. The wardrobes also take accessories into consideration and each one has space at the bottom for storing shoes.

Moving Home: The Big Brown Box Guide

Large archive boxes are an excellent choice if you are planning an office move. The guide which comes with these boxes guarantees that the boxes can store a mighty 12kg as they are specifically designed to hold files and heavy amounts of paperwork.

The TV is also a delicate possession to move and the majority of us dispose of its original box when we purchase it. If you are worried about moving your television it is advised that you buy TV moving boxes which will provide suitable for protection for your flatscreen TV. These boxes have additional space in them to allow you to wrap and protect the screen.

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