7 UX Web Design Tips That Need To Be Practiced More Often

A good user experience starts with a design and the right implementation of the plan. Website development companies have to imagine and create something that people will want to touch and engage with, time and time again. We list down the 7 major UX web design tips.

1. Personalization

Personalization is one of the biggest trends in web design right now. Users want their experiences to be just for them when they visit a website, to find information or shop online. offers shopping recommendations based on purchases and viewed items, Netflix offers suggestions for what movies or shows to watch next. Each of these small customizations makes each user feel like the UX is made just for them. It can help increase a website development company’s  user engagement and loyalty. This will make users happy to be part of a certain website community.

2. Animations

Animations is another big design trend that makes a UX attractive. Animations have to delightful and should surprise and help users navigate through a design. The trick is to keep animations simple. Do not create animations that make users feel dizzy or overwhelmed. Animation should have a purpose just like any other design element and fulfill that goal. Ensure that your animations move in a manner that makes sense to the user.

3. Interactive Content

Videos, games, quizzes and other elements are a way for a user to react serve a purpose. Using this content, you can drive user engagement with the design. The more a person wants to interact with an interface the better the experience for that user. Keep interactive content simple and without a lot of involvement so that users can see how to respond at a glance and don’t get bored by the experience. Users should not feel overwhelmed by the interactive content. Present it in such a way that it becomes a part of their search and they enjoy it.

4. Easy & Orderly

One of the easiest ways to create a great user experience is with a design that is clean, neat and orderly. Using a grid, while creating a design is useful because that way every element has a place. Think responsively so that experiences transfer from device to device. Simplicity and minimalism are major design trends for a reason. Users understand them. A simple visual makes the interfaces easy to interact with. A design does not have to be overly complicated to attract visitors and make users happy.

5. Use of Jargons

Most of your users or visitors would not have even heard of words like heuristics and phenomenology. This is because people don’t use the technical terms that we use in UX Design. They haven’t heard of it and they really don’t care much either. Those kinds of terms are fine within the UX team or a website development company but when you’re communicating with the rest of the organization they need to be eliminated. This should be done because not all your users will be knowing these terms. We have to use their language when we communicate with them.

6. Color Schemes

Select a font color that has a good contrast from the background to be legible and also passes WCAG specifications. Come up with at least two colors – one that works against light backgrounds, and another for dark ones. Adobe Color is perfect for exploring color themes and helps you select entire palettes based on color rules (analogous, monochromatic, complementary, compound). It also provides you with easy copy-and-paste features including an easy download for your pre-made palettes directly into Adobe Suite products.

7. Live Chat

Install live chat on your website and respond to the inquires inside of the live chat as much as possible with a minimum of one hour per day. This will give you first-hand experience on where people are confused and where the log jams are inside your product so you can improve your user experience.

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