How To Protect Your Personal Data In Online Gaming World

The digital technology has eased our lives by allowing us to stay connected to the world as well as manage our bills and other payments right from our home. Originally aimed at offering convenience for the mases, a few antisocial elements have also been pouncing on the opportunity to make a quick buck. Instances of online frauds and identity theft has been on the rise in recent times and most of the cased go unreported fearing the social stigma. Irrespective. Personal data theft is a real problem, back in 2015 reports claimed that usernames and passwords of around 1,800 Minecraft game users were leaked online. It allowed anyone to login using the credentials and download the game’s full version. Irrespective of you Play Rummy online or using your personal credentials to log-in to a new game, it is important that you read the following

To begin with, it is important to read the fine prints on your debit or credit card to find out the protection offered and other limitations on the card. In most cases, credit cards have been known to offer better protection against fraudulent transactions as compared to the debit cards. However, in modern times, debit cards have also been offering at par safety, if not more than the credit cards. Thankfully, growing awareness among online users has also made them extra cautious than what it was a few back. Although all major retail websites and gaming sites have secured payment options, it is usually the smaller ones that have faced issues with data theft owing to weak security measures. Also, one of the most common, or rather the silliest way to give out details is forgetting to logoff from a particular account or a merchant sites. It is strictly recommended that you look for the ‘https://” instead of the regular “http”; the S denotes secure version of the http.

Online games are usually the target for hackers as one usually reveals their personal details including their email id, password and card details. If they are unsuccessful in the first attempt, the hackers use the email id for the phishing scandal, through which they manage to extract passwords or your card details. To tackle this, ensure you opt for multiple level authentications. Activating the one time password (OTP) facility is a good idea as you receive the four digit code every time you decide to make a new purchase. Without the phone or access to the email id, the transaction remains incomplete. It is also advisable that as far as possible, do not save your card details on the website for future references.

Apart from banks and gaming sites which offer the best of safety features, it is also important that we personally maintain a track record for our spends. No matter how sad it sounds, it is recommended that you personally check the statements regularly and report any discrepancy to the financial institution. Investing in strong anti-virus and good firewall security program. It benefits are pretty much clear, as it blocks out those phishing notifications. It is advisable to change passwords once in every few months and look out for those emails with links asking for your personal details. Although most of us use a similar password for all of our online accounts, it is not really a wise idea. Imagine loosing details for one would open risk for the rest as well. Although most websites only accept case sensitive passwords, it is wise to make it a habit by using password that contains upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers.

Last but not the least, avoid using the unsecured public Wi-Fi for online transactions and rather opt for secured internet connection. It is also important that you use the latest browser which gets the modern safety features and has been rectified of bugs. The VeriSign logo on the payment page across all major websites, can be seen as a sign of trust. Booming online gaming sector will also have a fair share cyber-criminal activity running in the background. But then, with trusted websites that allows online rummy cash game there is no real reason for you to worry about. Safety being a priority, there is no real threat for its players. Quick download options, affordable gaming and presence of a large subscriber base makes it worth your time while also increasing your chances of making it big with your next card. Easy to understand rules and an intuitive interface makes it a pure entertainer.

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