How To Make Our Website More Appealing?

There are website techniques that can help us attract many visitors and we should look for ways to make sure that our website getting more attractive. Improving our website may also mean making it more appealing. As an example, our website should load quickly and this is an important issue. Eventually, our website can get slower, if we add more images and code modules. It is important to constantly check the loading times and it shouldn’t be more than 20 seconds, since the initial click of the link. Before adding extra images and code modules, we should consider whether there will be an effect on the overall performance. Many websites manage to stay appealing by using fewer images.

In this case, we should make sure that our images look beautiful. Animations can be real traffic killers and we should avoid them if they are not really needed. Even 10 seconds can feel like an eternity for Internet users who need to find some useful information. If our website loads for a longer period of time, then we should consider making huge changes. We shouldn’t immediately assume that everyone has very fast connections. It’s quite common for people to use broadband DSL, HSDPA and 4G LTE accesses. However, some websites still load very slowly and this can be due to resources limitations.  As an example, some smartphones may not be able to load websites that have many images due to RAM limitations.

Our website could also be more appealing if it’s easy to navigate. When people are able to quickly find what they are looking for, they should be glad to visit our website again. It is possible to find desired content in our website with only a couple of clicks. A powerful internal search feature may allow us to easily search for the most relevant information. We may get a list of webpages that may contain important details. People may leave our website if they can’t find anything relevant after 5 clicks. If it takes too much effort to get something, people may go to another website that’s potentially easier to use. It is important that people always enjoy visiting our website and they are able to find any information needed.

People typically find our website through search engine and we should causing them to feel surprised with what they find. Our website should look appealing for them no matter what. Our website may also look and feel appealing if we use suitable colors. The text should be easy to read and even minimal strain can be exhausting after a period of time. Often, black text on white background is still the best solution. In fact, many elegant websites have limited color usages. It is also important to remember our purpose when designing our website. There should be a basic idea why we create our website. As an example, if we want to share information, our website should be appealing to read. If we want to sell products, the transaction process should be very easy to do.

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