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A Splendid Idea in Hippie Room Decor

One of the unique themes that we can set up is hippie room decor. Some people might say that: “Well, what’s so good to be a hippie master whatsoever, huh?” I would say that hippie style is always impressing for me. It has a sole nuance that can be so magnificent.

Hippie room décor that we are going to talk about is suitable for you girls who want to start a new life in a new apartment. So this will be a party for you who looking for a hippie design.You know there are some characteristics that we can see clearly from a hippie scheme, for example, a tapestry idea. It is some kind of simple when you want to try a hippie touch in your room. In this case, let’s focus on our living room.

Rookie style of hippie room decor

For having this unusual thing in your living room of your apartment is kind of rocky style, right? Just like we already said before that you must start from the very basic thing before you nail it on your wall. So you will get an important angle and make it as a center point in your living room.

  • Hippie blueprint in hippie room decor

It’s pretty easy to pick which kind of a hippie blueprint for a hippie room décor idea. Just take a look at the fabric print. If they are consist of bright colors with some tribal or geometrical print then it is your treasure. If you want to do a total decorating for your living room, well then let’s start from the very crucial thing; choosing a wall paint color. We need to know that there are some colors that we usually choose for a hippie room décor. They are blue nautical, olive green, burnt orange and red maroon.

  • Ombre color styles

You can go for other colors like purple, yellow and other bright color but the important thing is to make sure that you combine it well. Make it as an ombre style, for example. As usual, you need to match it with your flooring. After you finish with those activities, actually there are some chief details to make your hippie room décor outstanding. Let’s start with the first thing below.

Hippie room décor with hippie’s wall style

There are tons of thing that we can cherry-pick to decorate your wall into more hippie. However, for this time, we will focus on two common things, a dream catcher and hippie theme paintings. Sounds so pumping up, right? Myth believes that whenever we set up this cute little thing in our home, we will always have a good dream. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but we are not going to talk about myth, we are going to talk about how gorgeous is it.

You can apply this magical thing above your sofa spot, for example. Of course, you can choose other spots but above your couch, it will be a stunning heart point. Choose the big size so it can balance your wall. So are you ready to put a hippie room décor?

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