How To Maintain Raw Food Diets During A Trip?

Many people have different lifestyle and to maintain it during a travel, preparation is key. Some people have discovered and enjoyed the health benefits of raw diet lifestyle. Unfortunately, finding appropriate food during a trip can be tricky and many may fall into regular or even bad eating habits. By staying raw, we need to have fresh food and this could be difficult to achieve. It is not acceptable to bring along portable, dried foods, because they are not raw and fresh.

It means that we will need to rely on local resources. This situation may cause raw food dieters to be somewhat apprehensive towards regular travel. Raw foods will also allow for consuming superfoods with significant level of antioxidant. As alternative, it is acceptable for raw food dieters to bring non-cooked or non-roasted dried figs, pumpkin seeds and almonds. Bee pollen and whole leaf dulse could also be brought during a trip. These types of foods can be placed in a huge plastic zipper bag. Raw food dieters could also bring multivitamins with them, if they can’t find appropriate nutrients through raw foods.

Raw food dieters may also bring a thin, portable cutting board. This could allow us to cut fresh vegetables and fruits bought from local market for our daily diet. It’s also a good idea to choose hotel rooms with small refrigerator, so we are able to keep fruits and fresh salads. It is also a good idea to find local communities of vegans or even better raw vegans. Organic restaurants are also more likely to offer some raw food dishes. We should write down phone number of local communities, restaurants and stores in the destination area.

Farmers markets could also allow us to find organics, greens and other healthy raw food ingredients. Regardless of what we do, it is important for us not to get nutritionally deprived during any time of our trip. It is true that raw food dieters will need to have extra efforts. They often need to find specific restaurants and even if they can find one, it is important to find regular restaurants that have a few raw food dishes in its menu. For people who travel for more than one weeks, it is a good idea to bring mini blender that can produce one cup of smoothie at a time.

Many raw food dieters love to drink smoothies each morning and using organic fruit for this purpose would be really perfect. Salad can be consumed at anytime during our trip. Nut milk could also be made with mini blender and it could replace normal milk during breakfast or other occasions. Before a trip, we may find that we have plenty of veggies, fruits and other raw ingredients that could go bad when we return home. We may try to find ways to allow us consume these foods during a trip. This will allow us to save money during a trip. In general, we should the most of anything we have in the fridge to reduce overall costs.

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