Common Web Development Mistakes

There are many website mistakes that we can make and it’s important for us to avoid them. These mistakes can occasionally be committed by experienced website designers. As an example, the website may force users’ web browsers to open new windows. Sometimes, it’s hard enough to make visitors interested with one page and it will be more complicated if we ask visitors to manage two separate browser tabs. The situation may escalate causing the website to open so many web browser tabs. This will confound users and they will have much reduced experienced when using our website. Without doubt, forcing the web browser to open new tabs will make it more difficult to use the website.

If our website’s design requires the opening of new tabs, there could be something wrong with it. In this case, we need to make improvements with the entire design. Another big mistake is neglecting putting contact information in prominent locations. Often, contact information is placed in a special page and the link positioned in the footer. It is better to put our physical address, phone number and email at places that people will immediately see. These details should also be placed where we can easily enable call to action. As an example, people would be eager to immediately call us or even purchase our products. Whatever we do, it is important to avoid degrading the overall credibility of our website. If we do this improperly, our website will look cheap.

Another mistake that we may do is neglecting to check for broken links. In general, broken links may start to propagate in our website. As an example, we may manually change the URL of some webpages or remove outdated downloadable files. There are tools that can test our website for broken links. The problem can be serious enough that a portion of the website could be isolated from users and search engine bots. This can be avoided if we have highly organized linking structure. As an example, primary links can be placed on top navigation or at sidebars. We should use as few as categories and we should consider to rely more on tags.

As an example, other than standard search field, we may add another search bar to look for pages with specific tags. This allows us to combine a number or related categories and tags can be considered as neater replacement to categories. It’s absolutely important to make sure that our design and website structure don’t cause problem with server performance. Complicated coding and scripts may cause servers to work extra hard. If possible, we could use browser-side rendering to reduce server loads. Any problem that can happen to server will affect the whole website. This can be worse if the server is shared by multiple websites. Performance is essential for the success of a website. If the web browser tab doesn’t show anything for nearly one minute, users will close it and we lose our chance.

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