How To Be The Best Office Manager You Can Possibly be

Management of an office is not an easy task. It seems easy – but only to the uninitiated; only to those who have never been in such a position before. There’s a lot more to proper office management than assigning people their seats and their jobs, after all.

But what exactly does it mean to be a good office manager? What does it take? How does one ensure that everything in the office goes smoothly? If you’re having some problems, then perhaps this one is for you: how to be the best office manager you can possibly be.

Think about the people and what management they require

Every person is different, and you can’t have a general management approach when it comes to people – each member of your staff is different, and they all have their benefits and drawbacks. Get to know them; learn how to push their buttons the right way.

Communication is key

Communication is a two-way street, and it would be wrong of you to assume that, just because you have explained something in the nicest and clearest of terms, that the message has been understood. Ask for feedback, and make sure your body language doesn’t contradict the verbal message you try to convey.

Understand the business

Learn from your people. Learn from the processes. Talk to everyone – and more importantly, listen carefully. They say the best managers would never expect their staff to do anything they themselves wouldn’t do – and there are good reasons for that. Make sure you know what you’re talking about.


Think outside the box, and never be too shy to ask your staff for help. Answers to difficult questions often come from strange corners. Also, if you need extra help from other professional services, don’t be shy about getting it. If you need transcription services, for instance, then get them. UK transcription service providers can assist you with meetings, recordings, interviews, and so on – this makes your job – and your staff’s jobs – easier as well. Know when to seek help – both internally (your staff) and externally (outsourced services).

Learn – and never stop learning

There are many seminars you can attend on self-improvement and management education; often they are for free, and there are many online sources you can benefit from. Learn, and never stop learning.

Your title means little in the office, if the truth be told. Sure, it may spell out your official position, but just because the contract says you are manager, doesn’t mean that you really are one. The art and science of management lies in the manner in which you run the office, set goals, communicate with people, delegate the right job to the right person, and follow up. In the end, it’s all about accomplishing goals in the most efficient manner. It takes some practice, but it’s certainly worth the effort.

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