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Best Tips For Maintaining An Organized Apartment

Living in an apartment or small space can be a struggle most days to keep clean with the space you lack. It becomes especially difficult to keep clean when you have kids or pets who also seem to make more messes. Here are 6 full proof tips on how to keep your place organized and neat:

1) Invest in a Storage Unit

If you just have too much stuff to fit in your new apartment and lack a garage, then the answer is yes, you should invest in a storage unit. It is the perfect place to keep all the things you don’t regularly use. You can even keep all your winter clothes in there during the summer time since you won’t have any use for a winter coat in 90-degree weather.

2) Clean as You Go

A good tactic to keep your place clean is to clean as you go. For example, don’t let dishes pile up in the sink, but instead put them in the dishwasher when your done with them. You can even try to clean your place 5 minutes a day so you can prevent a huge mess by the end of the week.

3) Designate a Day Each Week as Your “Cleaning Day”

Another great cleaning tip is to designate one day of the week to your “cleaning day” where you do all the cleaning needed. However, still try to clean as you go so that you’re not swamped on your cleaning day.

4) Declutter

This is one of the most important rules. If you have things you do not use or need, why keep them? Don’t buy things you don’t need and throw out all the unnecessary clutter to create more space what you actually need.

5) Build Up Instead of In

If you are not interested in investing in a storage unit, a great way to use the space you have is to build a wall unit that goes up to the ceiling that can double as storage and a bookshelf.

6) Buy the Smallest Versions of Things

If you buy the smallest versions of things you will have more room for more stuff. For example, you may think you need those large appliances but you can do just fine with a smaller version of it that will give you the same result in the end.

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