4 Dogs That Are Making The Rounds In The Instagram World

es, they are hairy, they drool, and they snore! And guess what… they’re much better at Instagram than you. And no, we aren’t talking about your ex – in this instance, we’re talking about pooches!

Of late, the dog Instagram society has turned into a trend which is proving to be money-spinning for the social media-savvy owners. One of New York’s most renowned pooches on Instagram is Marnie and the account holder swanks more than 2.1m followers.

Well, with a follower count like that, it is pretty obvious that there are several lessons a brand can learn. So, in this article, we’ll be walking you through some of the best Instagram sensations (they’re going to be dogs, of course!) and what one can learn.

Toby LittleDude

Former #HootDog, Toby LittleDude can command an entire room simply by his very presence. And Instagram is one such place where his traits truly come out to play.

Needless to say, his account is a hit filled with good natured sass, making him stand out from the entire crowd. The spot-on and comical captions, his constant photo style accompanying his images have already set up a strong trend and brand voice.

Toby also ensures that he’s answering to every question and replies to all the comments on the posts, whilst continuing to be on-brand!

Key Lesson– You must always put the spotlight on things that best define your brand. Prepare a list of merits and values you’d like to personify – use it to shape your reputation on social media platforms.

Pam Loves Ferrari Boys

Only after the video of Pam driving a little red car wearing sunglasses got viral on Instagram did her account skyrocket to success! Similar to the imagination behind the video’s content, even Pam’s charm was pretty obvious.

Presently with more than 64,000 followers, Pam’s Instagram antics are still top-notch because of the well-oiled content highlighting her cute, lovable videos. Her videos are the ones that everyone can (in fact, do) watch time and again. They’re funny, innovative and incredibly cute.

Key Lesson– As a brand, you must always come up with persuasive videos to post on social media. Like Pam, even you can try out various types of videos and format.

Aqua Corg

Whilst Aqua Corg may have succeeded solely because of his good looks, use of hashtags has certainly helped him put together a follower base of more than 135,000. Since, as we all know, using hashtags are an amazing way to make it easier for people to find the content.

To avoid followers from getting sidetracked from the caption, though, Aqua Corg includes a few comments along with relevant hashtags. Some of the hashtags, for example, used on a regular basis entail #corgi, #dogsofinstagram, #corgibutt, #dogsofinstaworld and #corgistagram.

Key Lesson– Always make use of hashtags. These help you make the post easy to find and put related content together so that followers can discover them at complete ease. But ensure that you’re making use of only the relevant ones and cautiously. Because the last thing you’d want is to come off as desperate or spammy!


Well, say hi to what may be the most lovable Pomeranian you would’ve ever come across on Instagram. One of the most followed pooches; Jiffpom has more than 25m followers on every social media channel. Not to mention, he’s a 3 time Guinness World Record holder and has all eyes in Katy Perry’s music video, named Dark Horse. Now you know why he’s got such an amazing haircut and is intolerably cute!

Apart from being so adorable (and showing it by dressing in various costumers and posing for pictures) Jiffpom is also known for the value of regram. Most of Jiffpom’s feed is filled with reshared content, because he frequently posses with celebrities like Heidi Klum, social media influencers and friends.

Key Lesson– Bear in mind to reshare your best posts. Of course, it does take a lot of money and time to come up with amazing content, but getting as much value as possible is always worth it! if you’re able to succeed because of specific content – like it produces a lot of discussions or is being constantly shared, though one others account – do post it again so that more people can see it. But make use of different hashtags with it.

Your four-legged furry buddy can teach you innumerable life lessons, from how to pay attention to your gut instincts to how to do well on Instagram.

Do you think that you know everything about social media? Because if you do, it’s likely that you’re wrong! The dogs mentioned above will reveal newer secrets as well as show how you can train an older pooch all the latest tricks!

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