Why Are MBA Programs In Italy Popular?

MBA programs are popular in Italy today more than ever – and you can get through to some of the best Universities there easily.

While you might feel that the application process will be a complicated one, all that’s really tough is to choose the university you are interested in.

The Top Reasons MBA Programs Is Popular in Italy

Designed for professionals who are looking for some quality international education, one can get the degree they need in just one year. The course will evaluate your skill sets, help evaluate your performance, and ensure you meet the standards required.

And while most have years of work experience behind them – something you would need to join the top notch MBA programs in London – you wouldn’t need as much if you are going to study in Italy. The School of Bocconi for instance, has had students in the 2016 batch that had only 2 years of work experience before they decided to go in for an MBA in Italy.

Here is what is going to work for you.

  1. It’s Easy to Join an MBA Program in Italy

Before you could join in a university though, you need to go in for verification. Here are some of the things you would need to apply.

  • Identity proof,
  • Your academic transcripts,
  • University application form,
  • Your curriculum vitae,
  • Your proficiency in a language like English or Italian,
  • Your GMAT scores

The process is clear, and you know just what you need to get to the University you want.

  1. It’s Easy to qualify you for an Italian University:

If your dream is to go to Italy to complete your MBA, you would have to sit the GMAT exam.

The University you want to apply to already tells you the GMAT scores they accept, and so you would know what should get you the seat you are looking for.

  1. You Already Have English Proficiency

If you are from an English speaking nation, you already know all about English – it just comes naturally to you. So, it would be easy to ace the English language test. You could go in for the IELTS or the English exam conducted by Cambridge.

And you do not need your mother tongue to be English though – you could even opt to study in Italian.

  1. Career Prospects is Great

Italy offers world-class education at reasonable and affordable prices – you wouldn’t go bankrupt pursuing education like you would in the States. It’s easier to get that dream job.

How do You Start?

If you’re searching for the right University for you in Italy, go in for placement experts. They can help you with everything from resume improvement to writing the perfect SOP.

Things to Keep in Mind

Do check the course details – it would tell everything from how many hours the course will be conducted to the training activities you have to complete.

Also, note any expenses – from tuition to traveling to living costs.

Start searching for the right MBA programs in Italy today!

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