What Moms Actually Expect On Mother’s Day

Mothers are the most indispensable part of our lives. We can’t imagine a day without our mother and they uncomplainingly, put in efforts to make our lives better. For such an important figure in our lives, it is necessary that we acknowledge her efforts and honour her with something very soulful and heart warming on Mother’s day.

And that is why, this Mother’s Day, gift her something not what you find best but rather, come up with something that you think she expects from your end. Confused? Here are some things for your ease on how you could make your mom’s Mother’s Day special. Take the guide.

  1. “I Love You” notes

I Love You Notes as Mothers Day Gift

More often than not, we fail to express our emotions to our moms. We fail to show gestures that could let her know how much value she holds in our lives. Write down all the reasons why you love your mom in colourful notes and present  to her creatively, like in a jar or in the form of a journal.

  1. Tickets for Two

Cinema Tickes as Mothers Day Gift

Send her out for some entertainment. Whether she is a fan of movies, a particular band or anything else, manage tickets for her and dad or any of her friends so that she can live her life to the fullest, at least for a day.

  1. A Spa Treatment

Get her a gift card so that she could pamper herself. A gift card to her favourite nail salon or hair salon is sure to refresh her. Otherwise, giving her in-home spa treatment is also one of the best ways to pamper her too.

  1. A Handmade Card

A Handmade Card as Mothers Day Gift

She should understand that you have put in a lot of efforts. A store bought card can also please her but nothing compares to a handmade card, especially for her where you pour out your feelings. This is definitely going to strum the deepest chords of her heart.

  1. Household chores

She deserves to rest and relax. For a day, free her from all the chores and do it without her help. Whether it is laundry or cooking, she shouldn’t at all, feel the burden of managing anything.

  1. A good sleep

A Good Sleep

Let her sleep for extra hours. It must have been days or months or even years since she would have had a good sleep. Try not to disturb her for anything. Make sure she gets ample sleep so that she can wake up refreshed and thankful.

  1. Her oldest photos compiled

Make a collage of her favourite photos from the old times so that she could reminisce good old days. Print them and get them framed beautifully and she is sure to keep it close to her heart forever.

  1. Delicious Treat

Cake as Mothers Day Gift

Who doesn’t like a sumptuous treat? Order something special for her according to her taste. A special Mother’s Day cake would definitely work wonders. Else, cooking something especially for her would also do.

With Mother’s Day round the corner, it’s time you begin thinking for the suitable Mother’s Day gifts for her and give her the joy of a lifetime.

FlowerAura firmly believes in the celebration of motherhood. Every mother is special and deserves the most special treatment on Mother’s Day. Looking for more heart warming Mother’s Day gifts? Visit and have all your anxieties for the perfect Mother’s Day gifts sorted.

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