What Does A Photo Album Has To Do With Elvis?

Have you ever considered what a digitally printed photo album has to do with Elvis? Mainly, it is that when both first entered the public eye, nobody really believed they would amount to anything. Yet, both had amazing potential and shot to fame. So much so, in fact, that some people consider that photobooks are now bigger than Elvis ever was! The business of printing these albums is certainly one of the bigger ones out there. So why is that?

Elvis and the Photo Album

One key similarity between Elvis Presley and photobooks, is that they both rock! If you’re in someone’s home and they have an amazing photobook on the coffee table, you can’t help but pick it up. Similarly, if someone were to start playing Elvis, you can’t help but to move and sing along with it to a degree. Another key thing that the two have in common is that they are unique. There has never been and probably will never be anyone quite like Elvis out there again. Similarly, every photobook that you create can be made 100% unique.

The Benefits of a Photobook

There are a number of key things that digitally printed photobooks offer, including:

  1. That you can add your very own photographs to a books that is professionally bound and printed on high quality paper.
  2. That you can create a new book very quickly, often within just a few days. This means you no longer have to wait weeks for those albums.
  3. That you can personalize and customize them, changing the covers, the backgrounds, the way the images are presented, the text, and more.
  4. That you can use them to market and present a business, for instance, as a portfolio for an interior designer, wedding photographer, or graphic designer.
  5. That you can choose the cover, such as leather or fabric, padded, or hard.

A lot of people think that the art of photography is in taking good pictures. Obviously, that is an important element. However, what also matters is that you present them in the right way. Simply having one picture after the other flying past you on some sort of Facebook timeline album, for instance, doesn’t capture people’s attention anymore. Having the in an album, however, that you can theme and customize to your personal needs and desires, is a fantastic way of making sure people will actually pay attention to your images.

When you create digitally printed photo albums, you have a chance to share your memories with others, but also to eternalize them for yourself. Furthermore, they make fantastic gifts to give to others. Essentially, you are giving the gift of memory, which is truly unique. Imagine giving a 70 year old a book showcasing their own life for their birthday, for instance. That is something truly unique, but also something that people will love and that they will love to share with others. Best of all, it doesn’t cost the earth either!

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