Universal Orlando: 10 Tips How NOT To Deject Your Travelling

Entertainment parks are great attractions! Before you go, it can be helpful to read useful comments and advices about how to not waste money but get maximum use and pleasure of it. It is not about attractions in detail. It is rather about those special small things that help you to decide where to go, what services to use and what to take with you to gel lots of fun and feel comfortable during the day.

  1. Choose Right Time for Visiting

It is better to visit park on weekdays than on weekend. Try to come earlier to get a good parking place and go to ride the most interesting attractions before the heat comes. If you like to sleep much and come to the park till noon, you have to stand for 40 minutes in the line before every new attraction you want to visit. What is more, it is very hot in Florida at noon. It is not very comfortable to walk around the park when the weather is hot. So, you have to visit different cafes to get cold. In the evening there is no heat in the city and there are no long lines.

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  1. Get Ready to Visit Park

Of course, one day is not enough to get maximum pleasure. Every minute is precious, especially if you have just one day. Just learn the attractions you want to ride, their location, time to start and wait. You can download the app Universal Orlando, of course, if you are going to visit this park, and monitor waiting time. You may take the towels and some clothes to change. The drying service costs about $5! There are many attractions that make you wet.

  1. Visit Two Parks

There are two parks under the roof of Universal: Universal Resort and Islands of Adventure. You can buy tickets to visit one of them or two. It is better to buy two tickets. This kind of ticket is called Park-to-Park. If you feel bored in one park, you can find some fresh emotions in the other one.

  1. Drive Hogwarts Express

You should ride a train – Hogwarts Express that goes from the Universal Resort to the Islands of Adventure. You can find the train station in the Universal Resort at the popular purple bus from the harry Potter’s book. You can ride a train only if you have Park-to-Park ticket. It is much better than travelling on foot from the park to park.

Harry Potter Studio Tour, Hogwarts Express

  1. Think of Parking

Of course you need a car to get to the park. You may use one of many car rental under 25 Locations to find a car for your travelling and leave it on the parking. The price for parking is 20$ per day. There is valet parking at the entrance which costs about 40$. If you want, you may use free parking that is located several kilometers from the park entrance. Here is the address: 6108 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando, FL 32819, USA (TGI Fridays parking).

  1. Take Tickets for Two Days and More

Of course, it is better to buy tickets for two days and more. If you want to visit the most of attractions and repeat them again and again, take pictures and enjoy the beauty of magic world. It is difficult to see all you want to see in one day. You may spend your time here from morning till evening.

  1. Buy Magic Stick from Olivander`s

You can see lots of kids and adults, who are walking down the street with a magic stick in their hands to do magic at the fountain or at the shop window. Didn’t you know that this magic instrument can really do magic? There are special sending units in the stick and special taking units at the shops and buildings of the Diagon Alley. So, you can point your stick to the stony fountain and it starts watering. Even if you don’t like Harry Potter’s story, you can buy a stick and try yourself in doing magic.

  1. Use Swep-Rooms

Swep-rooms can help you to visit attraction parks with your kids. Travelling with your family, you can stay with your kids with so-called swep-rooms to wait. Thus, if you are two parents and a kid, one of parents stay with the kid in a swep-room until other’s having fun. It can be noisy there.

  1. Check Waiting Time

Waiting time for attractions can be different. If it is announced to have 60 minutes to wait that really means that you have to wait for 45-50 minutes. Remember that to save more time for lunch, rest or something.

Universal's Island of Adventure

  1. Visit Attractions with No Lines

There are many variants to get to the attraction zone with no lines. What are they? Do you know? The first is very popular – you have to buy express-ticket. It costs for $64,99 to be used for every attraction in the park. You can find more information about this ticket from the park website. There is another way to get to the park quickly – single riders. You can also find out your special way to get to the attractions quickly. Remember that weather also makes influence on the park work. Remember the time! Thus, visiting attractions after 5 p.m. you have a chance to get to all attractions in 15 minutes. The chances to avoid lines can be increased later, after 7 p.m.

One more thing, there is a general line and the line for all who wants to get to the head car or train of the attraction. It is pretty long and annoying. So, if you want to drive the head car of the attractions, you have to spend more time. Remember that and try to spend your time wisely. Of course, your travelling can be supported with many different details. You have to make a plan of your trip and enjoy every moment you spend with your family and friends in the world of magic.

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