Types Of Networking Cables Used In Connections

Cables play significant role in communication. Cable is the best medium to transport information from one network device to another. Manufacturers of USB Cable India have intended this post to explain different types of networking cables used in connections. There are numerous types of cables used by people with LANs. The sort of cable selected for a network uses factors like network’s topology, protocol, and size.

Major types of cables used in networks are:

  • Unshielded twisted pair cable
  • Coaxial cable
  • Shielded twisted pair
  • Fiber optic cable

Twisted pair cables

Twisted pair cables are wires in which manufacturers twist two conductors of a single circuit together to cancel out electromagnetic interference from external sources. Noise sources provide signals to the wires by coupling of magnetic fields or electric fields and able to couple to both wires equally. The noise creates a common-mode signal which is terminated at the receiver when other signal is picked.

Types of UTP cables provided by suppliers

  • Straight through cable
  • Cross over cable
  • Roll over cable

Straight through cable: Straight through cables are applied for connecting different devices, for instance personal computer to switch, router to switch, etc. Straight through cables are used when each communication end transmits and retrieves on distinct pairs.

Cross over cable: In cross over cable, the wires are opposite on each end. Such cables let two personal computers to interact with each other. This is why these cables are applied for connecting similar devices such as PC to PC, router to router, hub to hub, etc.

Major characteristics of UTP categories:

The characteristics of UTP cables make them special. These cables are easy to work with, install, expand, and troubleshoot. These unshielded twisted pair cable is affordable network cable manufactured with a pair of insulated conductors twisted together. The insulation is sheathed with a plastic jacket. Since there is no extra foil wrap or shield, this cable is known as unshielded product. These wire products are used extensively in local areas networks.

In order to maintain the performance and integrity of UTP cables, installers have to protect the cable conductors or pair geometry from any disturbance or damage.

Twisted cables are now critical for telecommunication and data transmission industry today. It is because of their design, ease of use, simplicity, and robust performance.

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