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Top Budget Friendly Kitchen Renovations

If you were to ask homeowners which room they would like to remodel, most them would choose their kitchen. A new kitchen can really change the feel of the house. Even better, it will add more value to your home at resale. The only problem is that kitchen remodeling can get very pricey. Luckily though, here are 6 budget friendly kitchen renovations you can try that won’t destroy your bank account:

1) Redesign Your Cabinets

A trendy new look in kitchens is to have glass cabinet doors. To do this in your kitchen at a great price, insert plain glass into a couple of cabinet door fronts. That way you can show off your fabulous dishes. You can even go for frosted or etched glass inserts to hide the shelves a little but still have that glass appeal.

2) Paint the Cabinets

The most common & cheapest way to renovate your kitchen is applying new coats of paint to your worn-out cabinets and walls. It truly does make the kitchen look more vibrant and bright, creating a whole new look for the kitchen.

3) Add a Backsplash

The newest trend in renovating kitchens recently is adding a backsplash instead of repainting it. It is very convenient to have a kitchen backsplash because it protects the wall from splashes of any kind. Tile backsplash can be costly, so consider adding glass, which is the most popular, or adding porcelain, ceramic, vinyl, or wood.

4) Treat Yourself on An Appliance

You may not want to spend money on buying all new appliances; however, you can always treat yourself to one nice appliance. A new stainless-steel refrigerator will do wonders in making a big change to the feel of your kitchen.

5) Brighter Lighting

Although adding new paint is a good idea to brighten up your kitchen, so is adding new lights. Create a brighter kitchen by replacing small ceiling lights with larger & brighter light fixtures. You can even add lights underneath the cabinets to light up the countertops.

6) Update Your Fittings

Are your cabinets and drawers outdated & poor functioning? Go to your local home improvement store and purchase some after-market items like spice or cutlery trays, lazy Susan’s, roll-out shelfs, smooth drawer glides, and pot & pan organizers. By buying these, you can replace the interior fittings in your cabinets & drawers without having to replace the whole thing.

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