Tips For Making Friends In Your Apartment Community

When you get older and your moving around to new towns it can become difficult to meet new friends. Transitioning to a brand new apartment is hard with the packing and unpacking and starting a new job. However, transitioning from having your friend group to going to not knowing anyone can be the worst. Here are 5 super easy helpful tips on how to create a new social group in your new apartment community:

1) Put Yourself Out There

Staying inside and not putting in any effort will not get you anywhere when trying to meet new people. You need to put yourself out there and introduce yourself to your neighbors in your community in order to make friends. You can invite them over for dinner or a game night to get to know them in a comfortable setting.

2) Get Involved

Along with putting yourself out there, also tried to get as involved as you can. Find something you feel passionate about and join it, whether it is a church bible study or playing sports on the local recreational team. It will help you make new friends and allow you to do the thing you love.

3) Bake Cookies

The typical and easiest thing to do when first moving in to introduce yourself to your new neighbors is baking them some cookies. It’s a guaranteed trick to win them over because who wouldn’t want cookies?

4) Play Dates for Kids

If you and your neighbors have kids, you can organize play dates where the kids all hangout. This will give you and the other parents some free time to get to know each other & relax. This will not only help create friends for you but also for your kids.

5) Use Technology

There are so many apps on your phone now that’s purpose is helping people meet new people. Whether if you are looking for someone to go on a date with on Tinder or using Supper Club to meet people who love to cook as much as you do, there is an app for it. There is even the Meetup app that allows you to find groups near you or the Meet My Dog app for dog owners to meet up with their dogs. Get out of your comfort zone and give one of these apps a try!

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