Student Lifestyle Trends From Around The World

Students Habits

It is amazing how no matter which part of the globe students come from, some trends seem similar to them. Keeping up with the latest trends in different platforms is an essential need for them. They are known to be online all the time and have an active daily life. This is the time they are making a transition to becoming independent. Another surprising similar fact is that students look for part-time jobs. They also get opportunities to explore their interest and passions. Here, they mainly join clubs and organizations.

Student Lifestyle Trends From Around The World

Here are some student lifestyle trends from around the world.

Social Media

A typical student’s smartphone

It remains the most popular way of communication. Gone are the days of holding a face to face conversation with a millennial. Students around the world have become dependent on social media, and this number seems to be growing by the day. From Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. The social platforms give student’s permission to express themselves freely be it chatting, following their favorite celebrities, joining groups, uploading photos and using it to air their grievances. You will often hear phrases like “I cannot imagine a life without my smartphone” because this is the preferred form of communication by many.


You can tell there’s a learning institution nearby if you can smell some coffee in the air

A common language spoken by students around the world is coffee. There is a joke that says that you can tell there is a learning institution nearby if you can smell coffee in the air. You can prove by the number of coffee shops lining around these schools. Students have become caffeine dependents both for leisure and as a study aid. Sometimes, they have to stay up late formatting their different assignments by using methods such as Harvard, MLA, and APA, perhaps going through tutorials like an apa style cover page example for that term paper or assignment. They often neglect to sleep and let coffee be their pick me up. It is a study companion for students. They will have it in the morning, afternoon and evening to try and stay awake to study.

Eating Habits

Most students around the globe find themselves living alone for the first time. Their study takes up most of their time, and they discover that they do not have time to cook. This is where you find the fast food restaurant’s number on their speed dial. Be it spicy wings, fries, chicken nuggets, or pizza – which is the most ordered food among students; it is convenient for them as they have it delivered right to their doorstep. In case it gets colds, reheating takes only a few minutes.


Students for the first time in their life have the freedom to do what they want, regardless of their background. Partying is a student trend the world over. They will often fall into the pattern of drinking and doing drugs. They tend to think that alcohol will help their social lives. Students from the largest group of drug abusers globally.

For most, their weekends start on Thursday evening and go up to Sunday where you will find them cramming their studies for the coming week. In most of the world, you will discover that taking alcohol is socially accepted and this is where most students take advantage.


Looking great helps one have the confidence in who they are. For most students worldwide, this is the time that they are discovering themselves. It is no wonder that you will find them exploring different looks and styles. It can be tough to stand out, but they try and capitalize on their style. They express themselves in different ways. Others like to dress up and stay current by following the celebrities to know what is trending in the world of fashion. However, for some, they are okay with toning it down.

Unhygienic Habits

Another inevitable lifestyle habit that you will find around the world for students is dirty traits. You will hardly find a clean room which helps one find everything easily. However, this is not the case for most students. Students don’t have time for cleaning as it is the last item on their to-do lists. They are mostly used to their parents doing the cleaning for them. For some, this is the first time that they are learning to use the washing machines, clean dishes, scrub the bathroom, etc. You will find the room in a mess, from a pile-up of utensils in the sink, beer bottles and boxes of pizza on the floor, to a heap of clothes everywhere.


From the above lifestyle habits of students, it is clear to conclude that regardless of where you are around the globe, some trends will never change. You have to cope with student life. Your student years should be treasured. Some of the experiences that you go through only happen once in your lifetime. Don’t be afraid to try out new things. It is okay to let your hair down sometimes!

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