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Start Your Dream Garden With These Helpful Tips

Every castle out there and every wealthy household has an accompanying breathtaking garden. Taming nature so as to suit the owners’ sense of beauty is a very long tradition. The size of gardens has somewhat decreased and people can rarely afford to fit an entire forest into their backyards but the need to indulge ourselves with a nice garden is still present and somewhat imposed by society. The same way you want to enjoy your garden, you do not want someone else’s garden to ruin your view. But to leave your neighbors aside, here is what you can do for your backyard to make it into the garden of your dreams.

Plan it and frame it

No need to ask a professional landscaper to assist, employ your skills and make a sketch of your garden. You know the terrain so pretend everything is just the way you want it to be and see what you can do to improve it. Plan the spot for your patio and the path. See what you want to plant and where. The parts that are difficult to cultivate can be turned into a stone garden. Choose a fence high enough to block the curious looks and preserve your privacy. Frame each patch of flowers with rocks and little pick-fences to give it a form and make your garden look neatly organized.

Create a sitting area

You need to make an appropriate spot for you to enjoy the beauty of your outdoors. A patio is usually connected to a house so you can easily access whatever you need from the inside through your backdoor. There are a lot of different ways you can make and decorate the patio depending on your taste and your budget. It should have some sort of cover which will allow you to be outside in the rain as well as to protect you from direct sunlight. Make sure it is airy enough as it can get really stuffy under the cover during the summer. Apart from the patio, it would not hurt to have a path curving away from the house to the far back of your garden where you can have another smaller sitting area, such as a bench or a hammock.

Make a play area

You can always have a pool but if your budget and the size of your garden cannot really accommodate it, it does not hurt to have a children’s playground. It should be placed close to the patio. You need to be able to see what the children are doing but I would recommend having some sort of low fence around it so as to keep the younger children from scattering around. You can place it on the grass but it might be better to consider preparing the surface by laying down something suitable for playgrounds such as stone pebbles or rubber playground surfacing.

Plan the greenery

When choosing the plants you want in your garden, your priority should be grass, you want a nice soft lawn. The grass should be followed by the perennials as they are usually easier to grow and they will be there and ready to surprise you with their blossom every year. Wherever you buy them, you will get instructions on how to grow them. There are various sources online where you can find further tips in case you need them. You only need basic tools, a spade, a shovel, a rake, a Hoselink hose, some gloves, hand trowel and a lawnmower. Also, you want to consider planting some fruits. See what yields well in your area and several years from now you will have pleasant natural shade as well as a privilege to eat fruit directly from the tree.

Make it refreshing

You can make your garden even furthermore refreshing by adding water to it. If you do not have the above mentioned swimming pool, a good idea is to build a pond, a fountain or a bird-bath. Adding water (especially running water) to green areas can create freshness of a mountain spring.

Decorate and illuminate

If you enjoy crafts you can make your own garden art, if not, there are plenty pieces available in home and garden décor stores. I would put annuals into this category as I usually purchase ready pots of blooming annuals each season and keep them alive till winter. You can put them anywhere and move them around unlike most of the permanent residents of your garden. Also, after you are done with your garden, do not forget to throw in some light to keep the view available at night time.

It may sound like a lot of hard work, and it is, but remember, it does not have to be done all at once and once you get to lay back and enjoy your garden you will see that it was worth the effort.

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