Some of the Beaches of Barbados

Barbados is a location that dreams are made of. Turquoise waters, stunning beaches and the tropical paradise you have always envisioned. This stunning place has become world famous due to its beauty and more recently a lot more accessible than it once was. With amazing transport links, accommodation and rentals in barbados becoming ever more affordable now is the time to visit. Checking out the countless beaches for days on end is the perfect way to spend your time in Barbados and with a huge array of locations, we thought it would be fitting to compile a list of some of the most stunning beaches on the island and what activities you can get up to in each location.

East coast:

As the east coast of the island gets pretty rough seas from the Atlantic coast most of the beaches on this part of the island are more suitable for sun seekers and sightseeing although there are a few areas which are suitable for taking a little dip from the sun. It’s also a great location to grab some surf time or view the athletes in the water.


This area of the island is particularly popular with more experienced surfers and has aptly been nick-named the soup bowl by those who frequent its shores. An ideal location to come and watch the professionals or join in if you have the experience. There are also some small natural rock pools in which you can take a dip, although make sure that its safe to do so as the swells can be unpredictable in parts.

Cattlewash beach:

This beach is for those who want to experience the power of the Atlantic while also, searching for gems thrown up by the water such as seas shells and stones. Ideal for a picturesque walk with a packed lunch or picnic this is the kind of place you go to relax and take some time for yourself. Particularly popular with locals during the summer months you will be easily enamoured to the beauty of the location.

Martins bay:

Almost more famous for its seafood than the picturesque beach it has to offer Martins bay is the perfect site for those wanting to try some fresh local cuisine. The rocky bay has created several small areas where you can splash about, just watch the sharp coral. Both ends of the beach offer picturesque locations to enjoy the sunset and take in the rugged look that is characteristic of the east coast.

North coast:

The north coast is not ideal for swimming due to the strength of the water. Its far more advisable to use this location for its scenic walks and spend your time discovering many hidden bays and coves along the way.

If you are tempted to swim do so with someone who knows the area and only when it is safe to do so.

West coast:

The west coast of Barbados offers up the beaches which you tend to see on the many brochures for the island, and it does not disappoint. Crystal clear waters and golden sand are what many visitors come to expect, and this is the site in which you will find what you are looking for. Let’s look at a few of the many options you have along the west coast.

Batts rock beach:

Located just a few minutes from the capital of Bridgetown batts rock is a designated public beach with all the facilities you would come to expect. Particularly ideal for families the beach has a children’s playground, changing and shower facilities and drinks machines for those hotter days.

The calm waters and rocky areas make this an ideal place for both snorkelling and swimming. The forested areas around the beach provide an ideal location to have a picnic or spot some local monkeys if you are lucky enough to cross their path.

Mullins beach:

This is one of the more popular and tourist beaches on the west coast. An ideal place to relax on a lounge chair with a drink in hand. Mullins beach provides ample opportunity to soak up the sun, have a few drinks and for the more adventurous, to jump on a jet ski and head a little further out from the coast. Mullins beach bar is a favourite site among many visitors to enjoy the sunset and grab a bite to eat throughout the day.

Sandy Lane:

This stretch of beach gets its name from the Sandy lane hotel which sits on the beach edge. A particularly popular area among the rich and famous the hotel played host to Tiger Woods wedding. It might be necessary to find accommodation within the sandy lane area to experience the full benefits of the beach.

It’s an ideal place for a relaxing swim and its located close to the historic Holetown area, a place celebrated for the arrival of the first settlers and its inexpensive shopping districts.

South Coast:

The south coast throws up an eclectic mix of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. A little more active than the west coast and is still much calmer than the North and East coast. Snorkelling, swimming and windsurfing can be found along the south coast and a lot less crowded than on other areas of the island.

The beaches of Barbados are arguably one of the biggest draws to this paradise. But don’t spend all your time at the beach. Jump on a boat for a sailing trip, dine on the amazing cuisine and experience the astounding nightlife offered all over the island. Barbados is a paradise which should be experienced in its entirety.

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