Smart Hacks To Get Customers Onboard Your Business Mobile App

Successfully developing a business app is certainly not enough to lure customers and engage them in activities. The key is to build a platform that speaks of a highly friendly user interface which promises an excellent user experience and further, long-term customer retention. But, all this comes in handy only when you, as a company, do your homework well on enterprise mobility solutions and understand the basic elements necessary for onboarding mobile app users successfully.

Here, in this post, we demystify the process of using the best practices to improve app usage and generate higher business revenues.

Onboarding is the Key

Long term customer retention is often directly related to what happens during the onboarding period. It typically gives you an insight on whether your clients will stick by or leave you in the transit. Common reasons by customers drop off include:-

  • Not enough material to keep them hanging
  • User experience is bad because the interface is confusing to understand
  • Expectations of the users were not matched
  • There are technical bugs in the app
  • The sign-up process is too long to make customers drop in between

How to convert the ‘Bad Experience’ into a ‘Wow Moment’? Recognize the core values of your product and ensure its benefits aid in successful customer retention.

Set a Priority – Good User Experience

  • Get to know your Users – A good user experience significantly helps in keeping them around and converting them into loyal users. Know the preferences of your targeted audience and nail the moment when they begin to jump abroad. Engage them on your app platform in a way that, from the very first step of sign up, they are lured to explore further.
  • Study your Onboarding Flow – Once you’re able to bring your customers closer to the “Wow Moment,” it’s time to experiment on how to keep them engaged and not go off the board.

Structure an Optimal User Experience

  • It is always believed that if you’ve done the onboarding right, you’ve probably achieved your long-term customer retention goal – delivering the best possible user experience.
  • Develop an integrated strategy and choose the best channels to get the users to interact with your business app right from the download.
  • Set micro-milestones. With this, you can eventually funnel them into your end goal and make them stay there for longer than expected.
  • Segmentation is equally important. This aids in mapping the activities of your user and knowing the areas that need improvement for better customer experience.

Boost User Onboarding with Integrated Marketing Strategies

Of the many things that make for essential customer onboarding techniques on your business apps, these are the most important ones.

  • Segment your customer base in the different blocks in order to know their source of acquisition. This helps in defining the line of action you need to take in order to improve their experience on your platform.
  • Seeking permissions at the right time is the next step to successful customer onboarding. Ask minimal questions and wait for permissions till the step you’re sure the user will stay aboard now.
  • Most enterprise mobility solutions speak high of social logins as they make for one of the most fruitful and flawless ways of onboarding people.
  • Break down the onboarding process into small segments or journeys and send reminders as the user processes with the use of your business app. This is a smart way to keep them engaged and active on our platform.

To conclude, the key to successful onboarding is to take a note of the points mentioned above and strategically implement them. For it’s just a matter of making the right efforts, the rest is history.


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