Rosé or White? What Color Choose in Summer?

The rosé wine tastes generally rather in the South of the Loire, in particular in Provence and Bouches du Rhône, in the shade of a zenithal sun. It is the moment of the user-friendliness around a wine full of resources. From it part, the white feels at ease everywhere, no matter the climate or the region.

However, both wines together like basking in an ice bucket to bring refinement and tonic effect in throats. They drink freshly both, in all the circumstances, with or without meal.

The wine universe, beyond colors, crosses the mentalities and the modes. The rosé formerly considered as the wine of the third zone radically changed face since a few years, to become a respectable beverage in the strong progress. We can say that he entered in a certain form of gastronomy.

The Rosé favorites the elimination of the organic waste, he helps protect his silhouette. Compound of frank Cabernet, sauvignon, Merlot, or even sometimes of the mourvèdre, such Bandol, it offers an important variety of tones. “Life is Rosé” as suggested by Le Petit Ballon.

The white wine is registered in a long wine-producing tradition with classified vintage wines. Contrary to rosé, he has never suffered from a deficiency of image. The choice is vast, as the prices. We said it formerly reserved for accompanying the fish. Yet the white wine is perfect with meats and drinks perfectly alone, in aperitif, exactly as the rosé.

Due to his story and the numerous regions which produce him, the white outclasses the rosé in the lader of the vintage wines. But it is doubtless preferable not to compare them and to taste them in the stoneware of the desires. Because the summer makes change the mentalities, sometimes the tastes. The rosé, consuming essentially at the hot moments, possesses a small short-lived side, not to say a holiday air.

His color invites in the summer journey, while the white proposes from his part a kind of timeless journey. Well at cool, both complement each other, without competition none, in a division of the simple pleasure.

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