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Organizing Your Home This Winter – Our 5 Best Ideas

The chill has set in and the kids have already started thinking about their letter to Santa. Game of Thrones fan or not, you know that winter is here. And since you are going to be spending more time indoors now, it’s a good idea to start organizing the home, making it a cozier space where you enjoy spending time. Also with Christmas coming up, it’s better to get the cleaning and organizing out of the way, for you know well there’s going to be so much more to do around the holidays. And also, can you imagine how much easier spring cleaning will be if you get the organizing sorted now. So with all those fantastic reasons to get your home organized this winter, let’s get started. Here’s a list of our favorite winter home organization ideas:

1. Start with Allocating a Big ‘Giveaway’ Box

That’s right. It’s time to clear out a ton of junk that keeps lying around the house in the hopes of being used ‘someday’. If that ‘someday’ hasn’t arrived in two years, it’s time to let go. So as you go through all your belongings, pick out things you no longer use, like old clothes, books, toys, kitchenware and anything else, and put these things in boxes that you’ll giveaway to a charity store. You will be amazed to see the number of things that just lie around the house taking up precious storage space, increasing clutter and causing you stress. Giving them away will free up enormous space in your drawers and probably help someone who could really use those items.

2. Create a Play Zone for the Toys

You may not be able to tame the little ones but you can try your luck with their toys. If you have kids at home, there is no doubt that their toys are forever scattered all around the house. Now we all know that it’s impossible to keep kids confined in their rooms all the time and that they will follow you where you are, you can make sure these toys remain in a designated area, by making a play zone in the common area. Use a corner so the scatter can be contained at least on two sides, and encourage them to remain in that corner by keeping attractive kid-friendly storage like a small bookcase or an assortment of bins to hold all the toys. You can even encourage kids to participate in the clean-up process by making a game out of stowing away the toys.

3. Organize Your Bathroom

We don’t even realize just how our bathrooms accumulate a ton of clutter. Empty shampoo bottles that haven’t been discarded in six months, medicines that have long expired but are still lying in the medicine cabinet and now, there’s not enough room to keep your new hair curler. Well, time to once again throw out what you don’t need and organize what you do.

Keep individual storage bins, small and large for all your makeup accessories, use under the sink storage to keep plastic tubs full of hair irons, straighteners and curlers, gels, sprays and other hair care supplies. If you need more space for towels, add towel hooks in the bathroom. They save space and keep towels dry.

Consider over-the-toilet floating shelves if you need extra space to store some more cleaning supplies, toiletries or your little planter.

4. Organize Your Closet

You’re tired of folding laundry every other day and yet, you have nothing to wear when there’s a party to rush to. Do you know why everyone is plagued by this strange paranormal phenomenon? What is that stuffed in your closet, if there are no good clothes in there? Well, it’s clutter.

Your closet is the one thing that needs more organizing than anything else. Not doing away with clothes that we no longer wear leads to too many pajamas and too little space. Not separating your jeans from your satin dresses makes everything a fabric jungle. This winter, let all the contents of your closet tumble out on the floor. Grab a few dozen hangers, some wicker baskets and bins, and let’s get organizing your closet. Do keep that ‘giveaway box’ close.

Pick the clothes you wear regularly and hang them on the hangers. Use felt-lined hangers for the delicate ones. If your closet has a tall hanging space, keep small dishpan bins under the hanging clothes to hold smaller things you cannot hang. Put up adhesive hooks on the inside of your closet door to hang neckties, scarves, even a jewelry collection. Use the lower racks that you don’t reach into often, to store clothes you wear occasionally. Keep a separate bin for socks, mitts and other tiny stuff.

5. Use Creative and Alternative Storage

Under the bed, over the head, under the sink, in the kitchen corner, there is no end to unused spaces in a home. Use these spaces. You can either buy a variety of under the bed storage solutions or indulge in some DIY action and make your own. Just be sure to use plenty of bins.

Invest in a quality shoe rack to keep the shoes organized. A quick tip: arrange them heel to toe instead of the conventional parallel arrangement, to maximize space utilization.

Wrapping up

There’s going to be so much work to do around Christmas. And well before that, the guests will begin showing up around Thanksgiving. While this is the time to keep your home looking at its best, it’s going to become exceedingly difficult to get it all done around the holidays. So start now. While the weather’s still good and winter is something to look forward to. Organizing your home will make the harried time of holidays a whole lot easier. The above tips will help you get a head start on the chores and get organized much faster and better. Happy Holidays.

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