Opportunities for the Right Airport Transfer in Rome

Air tickets are purchased, the passport is in order and luggage is ready. All that remains is to plan the trip to the airport. Here are three ways to get there, to choose according to the trip you make.

By bus

For the past three years, it has been possible to fly by public transport.

The cost: take out your little change! It will cost you $ 9 to go to Rome if you pay cash (only coins are allowed), but cardholders monthly or weekly board without paying more. Tram tickets (zones 1 to 8) and one- or three-day special cam cards are also valid for boarding the bus.

Plus: wireless internet available on the bus.

The least: if you travel loaded, you risk to galley with your suitcases.

By taxi

A simple phone call to catch a plane is tempting, especially when the driver takes us in front of the house and drops us directly at the airport.

The cost: first, know that it will cost you a minimum of $ 17, no matter where you go from. Downtown Rome has been demarcated by the Commission and if you leave a place within these limits, you will pay a flat rate of $ 40. Everywhere else, it’s the regular fare that applies, starting at $ 3.45, then $ 1.70 per kilometer traveled and $ 0.63 per minute waiting. The rome airport transfers to city is there.

Plus: pay the race by credit or debit card. Let yourself be driven!

The least: the possibility of falling on old cars and drivers who sometimes drive in cowboy!

By car

If you live far from Airport, the car may be the only option to get there. The choice of parking is vast: eight parks are available to travelers. To choose the right one, it is important to shop. The most expensive is called ExpressParc. It costs $ 45 to leave your car there for a day, but it can be a good option if you go to the airport to drop off or pick someone up.

Located at a distance from the terminal and accessible via shuttle buses are economical if you leave your car at the airport for a long time. Their prices are competitive and you can get by for less than $ 10 a day. If you travel in the winter and snows in your absence, you will have to shovel on arrival unless you pay extra for a valet service.

For the cold season, only one parking is heated: this is the hotel. What’s more, it is directly connected to the terminal.

Most: if you usually park your car on the street, you will not have to worry about moving it around while you’re away.

First of all, do not fool yourself when you fill up! Yes, it’s a stupid mistake, but it’s already happened! Make sure to leave knowing what petrol to put on.

Remember to return the vehicle with full fuel if the contract requires it. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra …

You can also choose the option to return the vehicle with the tank not full. It is the renter who will do it then. This will save you from looking for a gas station at the last moment. If you make the vehicle in a big city, it can be a bit of a struggle to find one easily. However, it has a cost.

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