New Evening Dress Trends

Evening dresses have been one of the most glamourous pieces of a woman’s wardrobe since the royal courts of the 15th century. These gowns are worn to formal events and are thus made of luxurious fabrics in rich and classy tones. JJsHouse designer, Jessica, explains that “evening dresses are synonymous with the fashion trends of the time, while simultaneously displaying unique characteristics that set them apart from everyday dresses. These special gowns have the ability to empower a woman, amplify her femininity and flatter her body type through various shapes and cuts.”

Each year, designers play with classic dress styles and stylish fabrics to come up with innovative new shapes and silhouettes. Here are some of the new evening gown trends for 2018.

Off-the-Shoulder Designs

Evening dresses that come in off-the-Shoulder designs are versatile and effortlessly sexy. They have long silhouettes, sometimes with a high leg slit on one side. They can be fitted to the body or be paired with a flowing skirt. They also make excellent showcases for flaunting a special necklace.

Lace Fabric

Lace fabric is an element that has been used to create elegant evening dresses for centuries. When done right, it delivers a timeless, elegant and sexy look. Lace fabric can be used to embellish a dress or it can cover the dress from head to toe. This versatile fabric is used to create many different styles and designs for evening wear.

High Slit

An evening dress with a thigh-high slit can be worn in the form of a form-fitting, floor-length skirt, a maxi dress or an all-out glamourous gown. The slit is a classic and simple way to add some serious sex appeal to an elegant look. It can also be paired with a wide range of top designs, including of-the-shoulder, V-neck and halter styles.

Minimalism Aesthetics

Evening dresses designed using minimalism aesthetics are women who want to keep their looks very simple and classy. These gowns are usually made with timeless shapes in solid, rich colors and look best when paired with beautiful jewelry and accessories.

Sequin Fabric

Sequin fabric can create some bold and beautiful evening dress styles, but as a general rule, it should be used sparingly and needs to be done in just the right way. Only the boldest evening dresses are made entirely of sequin fabric with flattering cuts and elegant shapes. No one wants to end up looking like a clown or like they’ve stepped out in a costume and sequins can easily go that route. Anyone eyeing a sequin gown should get an objective opinion from a stylish friend or two.

Every Woman Needs an Evening Dress

An evening gown is a wardrobe staple that every woman should own for the most special events in her life, and they are trending big this year. There are always plenty of classic and timeless styles to choose from, which merge with the new evening dress trends each season. Have fun browsing this season’s new fabrics, designs and colors. Check out the extensive online collections from JJsHouse and find the perfect evening dress for your next event.

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