Modernizing Your Rural Home To Make More Enjoyable

Just because you live miles away from city life doesn’t mean your home has to forego all modern-day amenities and innovations. Let’s take a look at some of the easiest ways to get your home into the 21st century while keeping everything you love about living rural intact.

Alternative Power:

With a larger emphasis on global warming and the negative emissions that have been deteriorating our ozone, alternative energy has been growing in popularity. Both wind power and solar solutions are available to nearly everyone, and they not only help save our earth but also can save you a ton of money in the long run while adding value to your home.

Whether choosing wind or solar, a quick search online will reveal tons of great options to choose from depending on your homes electrical needs. There are both purchase and lease options as well as options that keep you on the electrical grid and those that remove you. Both options will require a small battery system to store the generated power and disperse it through your home when needed.

High-Speed Internet:

One of the largest downfalls of living rural today is the lack of choices for high-speed internet. Many rural homeowners are still using dial-up or slow DSL internet and are unaware of the technological advances in satellite service.

Available to nearly every home in the US, even those in the most remote locations is satellite Internet. As more and more aspects of everyday life get pushed online, having a reliable, high-speed internet plan is necessary, and upgrading to either HughesNet or Exede can help deliver this.

Both services will require a small satellite dish to be placed on your roof or mounted on a pole but can get you internet speeds up to 25 Mbps. That’s fast enough to do anything you want online and will allow you to hook up a router and beam Wi-Fi through your home. Your kids will love being able to connect their wireless devices and it will save you money on phone data!

The only thing to keep in mind with a satellite Internet service is that you will have data limits. When ordering, you can let HughesNet or Exede know what you expect to do online and they can give you an estimate of your expected data consumption and recommend a plan. If you’re worried you won’t use all the data and don’t want to be overcharged you can always start with the lowest plan and move up to the next level if needed.

4K TV & Satellite TV Service:

Love watching sports or action-packed movies with the family? View them in the highest quality possible with a 4k TV!

Once an extremely pricey product, 4k TVs have come down to a reasonable rate and made it possible for the average consumer to get one in their home. Every major brand has available options, and if you wait long enough you’ll certainly find a deal you can’t pass on.

Pair your new 4k television with a satellite TV service such as DISH or DirecTV to get true 4k content and the best DVR technology available.

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