Marketing Your Mobile App For Millennials: What You Need To Do?

Millennials happen to be the most talked-about audience for most digital marketers these days. Since this audience spends most of their time on mobile, it is understandable why most marketers eye them with such importance. Considering the vast amount of time they devote on social media, mobile browsing, and gaming, marketers already came with a specialization called ‘millennial marketing’.

Is the marketing radically different for millennials? Are they worth focusing as a separate audience for the mobile app marketers? How can they influence the success and failure of mobile an app? How can an app with an audience predominantly Millennial in age group target its audience and ensure loyalty?

Undoubtedly, the answer to these questions concerns mobile app developers and marketers who target millennials as their audience or apps that have a significant audience among this age group. Here we are going to offer a few tips that mobile app marketers should follow when addressing this audience.

  1. Sophisticated mobile experience

Millennials boast of an air of sophistication that makes them reject any interface with sluggish performance. They like clean, fast paced and easy to use interface. The confusing navigation or slow page loading speed or buttons that are hard to tap, all these can just make them leave your app forever. They typically expect everything quick and in a less involving manner. For example, they would like your loading speed to be lightning fast and will prefer auto-filling of forms or social login to get their things done without needing to type a lot. How can you ensure sophistication that caters to this audience? Any Mobile app development company should consider these tips.

  • Optimize the images and use latest techniques like lazy-loading to ensure fast loading speed.
  • Allow social login and auto-filling of forms to make things quicker.
  • Ensure a clean interface with a lot of negative space to grab attention.
  • Use a sophisticated typeface that helps quick readability.
  • Most millennials and young users use their device single-handedly and navigate through their thumb. So, make sure all the clickable and frequently accessible links and buttons are within the easy reach of the thumb.
  1. Social media strategy for young and teens

If you have a teen at your family, you have already noticed his or her deep attachment to social media dialogue. Yes, that’s what most young and teens these days are expected to do. They spend hours on end on social platforms. If you have a game app or shopping app, the best place to drive engagement from your target teen audience is social media. But there are some ground rules when using social platforms for the teen audience.

  • First of all, if they stay engaged there for hours, you need to appear before their eyes as frequently as possible. Either through scheduled posts or through messaging and comments or through interesting adverts or promotional campaigns, you need to make your presence felt throughout the day.
  • Checkout where your target millennials mostly visit and stay engaged and accordingly chooses as much as four channels. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest are most popular among them.
  • Typically millennials distaste static images. So, offer them Check out visuals, screenshots, short videos, GIFs, real life albums, slideshows, illustrations, and infographics. Create an imposing content strategy with visuals at its core.
  • Share with them the story of your app in an engaging manner.
  • Millennials when buying anything try to associate with the kind of lifestyle they aspire for. So, offer them visual contents that carry a certain sophistication and glam most teens aspire. Let them consider your app as something cool and classy.
  1. Rewards and incentives

It is something that remained unchanged for years. Yes, at teens we tend to be more conscious of our small gains in the way of few coins, points or some small gifts. Just as a toddler can press his papa to buy something for the accompanying stickers inside the box, teens often stick to a game in the hope of winning enough reward points that can unlock their preferred car model or just the next level they are trying hard to reach. So, rewards and incentives are two compelling force even to this day that can drive engagement for mobile apps.

If you have a game app, you know where and how such incentives can work. If you have a shopping app, incentivising it for the young audience require some tact. But rewards and incentives apart, some easy freebies with small gifts with each purchase for a limited period often can be effective. When using Gamification of the shopping experience make sure it does not look too serious just as in the case of high-value purchases and their respective reward points. For young teens, the incentives and rewards should always carry some fun elements.

  1. User generated contents

Do you know most young buyers these days are influenced by customer reviews and user generated contents? Typically, young millennial teens are more frank and outspoken than people of other age groups and so, they often leave their opinion about an app on the web and social platforms. This reliance on user-generated contents can make the promotional campaign of an app user. You can often get your audience tell about your app without hiring anyone professionally. Unlike so-called adverts and paid campaigns, user generated contents enjoy higher credentials and are more trusted. Here are some tips to use user generated contents for your app.

  • Focus on selling a lifestyle with young teens using your app and finding it cool.
  • Photo shoot the users wherever possible across different situations and with permission to publish them.
  • Encourage users to write an honest review about your app and share it.
  • Ask them to rate your app and encourage them to give their opinions.
  • Encourage users to publish small video depicting your app and usage.

Finally, when it comes to selling your app to millennials, you need more engagement and unperturbed attention than with users of other age groups. Millennials consider buying anything when they find it cool for their lifestyle and so, you need to associate your app with their lifestyle and aspirations.

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