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Make Your Garden A Haven For Local Wildlife

Isn’t it great when you do something to help the planet that also brings a bit of fun into your life at the same time?

One fantastic way of doing this is to turn your garden into a beautiful haven for wildlife. This will give the local creatures somewhere to head to and will also give you the chance to spot some animals at home.

It is an especially good idea if you have kids and want to teach them about the importance of looking after the planet’s wildlife. So, how will you go about it?

Create a Watering Hole

The first thing that you need to attract wildlife is somewhere they can drink. Building a pond is ideal, but you will need them to be able to access it safely and to also have some sort of exit route such as steps in case they fall in.

This doesn’t have to be a giant, deep pond. Even a small, shallow pond will attract thirsty animals, as well as frogs and birds.

You may be surprised at just how popular this watering hole becomes after a while. Of course, you are probably only going to see most of the animals appear after dark, so you might want to have a spot where you can wait comfortably for them without being seen or disturbing them.

Building a small pool is actually really easy, with only the digging out of the soil being a particularly nasty and tiring job. After that is done, a good builders merchant in North Wales will give you the supplies you need to finish the work.

Put up a Fence

It might seem strange to put up a fence when you want to attract wildlife. Yet, making the right choice here will give the animals a feeling of safety and security.

For example, if you want to get very small creatures to enter your property then you can get a fence that gives them enough space to crawl through. This will keep out bigger predators such as dogs that could frighten them away if they get the chance to do so.

Of course, if you want to get bigger animals such as badgers then you will need to give them enough room to get in. If you leave gaps for them then they will find them if they can sense that there is food or water waiting for them on the other side.

You can get started by looking for North Wales fencing supplies to use. Putting up a fence is a time-consuming job but you can sort it out on your own without any special skills if you want to.

Use Indigenous Plants

A point that a lot of people fail to take into account is that animals look for indigenous plants that they are familiar with. If you have a garden full of exotic plants from far-flung corners of the planet then you aren’t going to tempt many creatures into munching on them.

Therefore, you need to take care to find local plants that wildlife in your area will seek out and enjoy. You can probably get started on this with some internet research, but speaking to a gardening expert at your local garden centre is a better idea.

You will feel great when you see how you are building up a sort of nature reserve that helps the local environment. This is a positive move that can be the start of a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and home for you.

Make It Peaceful

Above all, you need to make this a peaceful haven where wildlife can come and relax knowing that they are safe. This means that you won’t want to let your cats and dogs loose out there are night, for example.

If you want the kids to get out and see the wildlife at night then you will also want to think about how you can do this in a sensible way without disturbing the animals. Perhaps you will build a small shelter far enough away from the watering hole to not cause any problems.

Of course, you will also need to teach the youngsters about the importance of not making a lot of noise or shining bright lights while they are looking out to see what creatures visit them. This can turn out to be a powerful way of teaching them how to respect animals and enjoy seeing them without disturbing them.

If you stick to these tips then your garden will soon be your favourite part of the house to spend some quiet, peaceful moments in.

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